Your verdict on the BB documentary reissues?



  • Can someone please hook me up with the tailbone size needed for the Mountain?  Not that I have it yet or anything...
  • 8.75 should fit pretty snug, but I don't have mine yet either so will have to try it out when I get it
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    I reckon we will get these decks in Feb
    My money was handed over on Oct 8
    Where this will really stink is when Socals customers get their decks before us even

    Aside from that though, its the last time I hand over money for a movie, the next bunch will come for free, which is what many others paid to watch it

  • Chicken Hawk deck is back up....too bad there's not a matching reish shirt
  • My hawk says brigade issue under the dragon any one else say that I see one on eBay says bones brigade like all my others
  • Has anyone noticed that the wood quality is horrible? Is anyone riding their decks?

    I got my smaller order, and the Hawk flexes like a wet noodle. It has no stability at all, and it feels like the tail is just going to snap off...
  • And my Hawk says 'Bones Brigade', but I've seen 'Brigade Issue' on others over at SNB.
  • Your kiddin me... that's the quality of the decks... ? I guess they really are hangers..
  • Everything is made in China.

    I did stand on the Lance deck I got, even without being set up the deck flexed and felt like it was going to snap. But I got it for the wall so...
  • This sucks, I only ordered the Lance deck to start....wanting to get my hands on it before ordering one to ride.  
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    Well that is pretty fucked, I was going to make mine complete setups for display, not too sure I wanna drill holes in them now if that's the case. Why on earth wouldn't they be the same quality as the other reissue decks they've made over the years?
  • B.G.    My Hawk also says Brigade Issue under the oval dragon. All the others have Bones Brigade. Maybe we have the rare ones. 
  • The wood is definitely nothing like the usual reissue wood. I was going to skate mine, but what they sent me is not skate able.

    The Mullen is so narrow to begin with, it has no strength at all. I'm afraid to stand on it.

    (I only have the Mullen and Hawk so far)
  • Starting to get the same feeling I got after seeing the phantom menace. I'm a teenager trapped in a man's body......and that teenager just got raped.
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    Bones Brigade v Brigade Reissue .. ffs

    Good to see though that people are buying them flipped on ebay prior to the people in here asking 2 years ago to be put on a pre order list lol

    Even better to see that everyone who wants to ride the Hawk, has said it wont last long if you do..

    I believe todays word is monumental
  • glad i didnt get any of them lol
  • When I was a kid my old man shaped me a deck out of plywood. Anyone else ever had that done? You now know what the Mullen feels like with trucks and wheels.
  • Oh yea, I remember cutting down decks to a shape I liked, took some vision deck I got as a present, traced my buddies hawk chicken skull mini on it and cut it down. It still suck though.
  • starting to think i am too bill, considered picking up a guerrero 
  • Me too, I'm about 2 days away from bidding on one on eBay...and then flogging off mine on eBay when it finally arrives in like June next year
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    next tommy g board will be blue photo via the s and b forum
  • That is exciting, if they are skateable.
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