Your verdict on the BB documentary reissues?



  • sounds like goin off a jump ramp would snap these reissues like a toothpick
  • Or a curb.
  • Or just standing on them
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    Or if you stand one upright in a strong breeze
  • I think it is because of the wheel wells! They made the boards weak. Just kidding. But if you where to do a disaster on one of the bones brigade reissues you would snap it in two or three. Maybe even a rock n roll might snap the tail. (I only have the Lance and Tommy decks)

    The way I see these decks are posters/prints for the wall. But again I did not buy them to skate. And on a side note, I wish that they where printed not heat transfer images.
  • I don't think it was crazy to expect similar quality to everything else they make. This wood is half assed. So disappointing...
  • they are skateboards that had a $100 price tag.... if they wanted to make nothing more than a wall hanger they should have sold posters... at least then everyone would know what they were getting.... late
  • That's my thought.  $100 is a lot for a decoration.   Some will be purchased as wall hangers, but many will be used as daily shredders.  As a reissue deck, there should be no half-assing it, either make it out of balsa wood and sell them strictly  as wall hangers.....or make them out of quality wood so we can shred them.  I wouldn't mind if they said "Here are some full size, full shape, reissues made out of cheap materials not intended for use as a skateboard for $50".  But don't sell them as skateboards if they aren't up to skate quality.  
  • The skateone stickers were stuck on these things. IOO% Hard Rock Maple. Are they not what they say?

  • Really? Mine said 'wet noodle maple'.
  • Are there consumer laws to prevent this debacle? It seems as though they have used poplar and slapped the skate one sticker on it. I'm starting to think they were made in China on the Golden Dragon production line. Shit wood = shit skate.
  • has anyone filed an official complaint with the company yet?

  • Honestly? I was so desperate for these decks to come out that I am letting them ass rape me. I have two decks in the Mullen and Hawk that are absolute shit quality. I have five more on order that I could cancel.

    I won't.

    They counted on this.

    I'm still powerless to stop myself.
  • Next batch should be made to the standards were used to. If there is a next batch? We should get first dibs at a discount on them.
  • Hey FAUS, what makes you think the next batch are going to be different quality wood? I mean we're all hoping they will be, but by the time people start receiving the next wave, the decks will be sold out so we won't get an indication on quality unless we take a chance and order them before they sell out. I for one won't be unless the McGill and hawk are the bottlenose shapes..time to start saving for some originals
  • i think he was saying they SHOULD be

  • Sounds to me like you guys got ripped off, with decks that are most likely made of birch and pressed in China.
  • thats what the delay really was.. shipping containers were late from china

  • Slippery,    I was just hoping that they are reading this forum and just maybe will make a better next batch.
  • Especially for three price. I felt 100 was too much to begin with, to know they are shitty quality just makes it worse.
  • Ahh, lets hope they do. Although I think if a lot of the people who got these decks to hang are happy with them, they'll do the same as before. And maybe the wood used for the next 3 color runs was sourced at the same time as the first set. A bit of a pessimistic outlook but I haven't had anything to make me feel optimistic to come out of this so far so it wouldn't surprise me at all if the quality is just as bad next time round
  • In my dream world, the green lm was going to be a rider, hoping that the next color would be black and red, and I'd hang that one. But if the green one isn't really skateable then I'll just flip it on ebay. I don't want a green hanger, I wanted to skate it.
  • I'm sorry to hear about all the horrible decks guys.
    Saw the videos of the flimsy deck, that's ridiculous! 
    So has anyone heard back from Skate One Customer Support about this issue? 
    How about ask George Powell on his Facebook about it?
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