Your verdict on the BB documentary reissues?



  • Good question. Answer...we ALL need to say something.
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    Why hasn't anyone already then???? Are you guys afraid to offend someone? Fuck that offend away!!! 
    I never even wanted a re-issue board, and couldn't afford one if I did and even I'm sick over seeing the quality of them from the videos posted and the reviews.

    It upsets me so because I, like so many of you, am such a huge Powell supporter and knowing they did this seals the deal for me on exactly what I thought all along...this whole Bones Brigade doc and then merch and Re-Issues thing never was about nostalgia and seeing smiles, it was always, always about the $$$!!! Mike V was right in his rant last year.
    It's all just a big fuckin facade.
    And that just breaks my heart, it truly does. 
  • I'm still waiting for mine.  The delivery issue is still in my craw because they could have shipped my DVD or my shirt, even if the deck wasn't ready.  So because they couldn't produce the deck in the time they said, I don't get anything I ordered.
  • They are in business to make money. You can't fault them for that. And I have no problem paying them what they want in return for a well made product. I'm gonna skate my gurrero and ill probably get bored and skate my mountain as well..and when I can afford the hawk the next colorway ill fucking thrash that board too. ;-) if they can handle the abuse then I'm happy. I put them up on the wall to admire but the truth is..I just wanna fucking skate them!!!! After all thats what they are made for.
  • Agreed. I just want to skate it and have it hold up. Granted it won't see as much use as they did 25 years ago, but I still don't want it snapping on its first day out.
  • Yes, of course, if they can handle the abuse (which of course there should be no reason that they shouldn't) then yeah, praise to them for a good product and job well done. the end. But seeing the flex of those boards and hearing all of these quality issues guys are talking about here on this forum it doesn't seem that way. 
    Seeing a board board flex is one thing, but seeing a board flex that is $100 a deck reissue of a deck that's supposed to be a remake of a deck from the era when decks were made to last, and then having people wait and wait.

    I just hope you guys are getting your moneys worth thats all. 
    Hate seeing people get ripped off, or not getting EXACTLY what they paid for.
  • Does Kam still work for skate one? I've sent him some emails recently and I get a 'failure to deliver' notice.
  • Yes he does.

  • that happens to me sometimes too just use the customer service form if u have trouble
  • Kam replied in the 'flex' thread, after I sent him an email.
  • Here's how my Mullen turned out BTW.  Yes, it flexes, but it's still purty.


  • Daaaammmnnnnn! Pimpin deck brotha!
  • Myself, like some of you have not recived my order yet. I was lucky enough to be one of fifty to get the signed skull and sword and all 6 re issues. I keep getting the same generic email all of you got. I have been emailing top spin every week with the same response. Now they will not even respond to me. First off it was hard convincing my wife that a 34 year old needs $1300 worth of skateboards! It missed my birthday, then Christmas, then New Years, I finally watched the doc on Netflix. Then I see on Instagram and Facebook where people have there decks and it makes me angry. What is the real hold up? I can not get any answers.
  • Email skateone support, they're the ones filling your order, I got confirmation today and I had been waiting since 6 October or something
  • Ok thanks I will
  • Cal skate says no more hawks there done
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    what about this guy.. hes got his!!


    how can ya not like elgura..

    Ima still waitn too
  • This is the email I got today from skateone.

    I can ship your order out as soon as I get the McGill decks back. We are
    trying to fix the top coat since we had a few complaints.

    Kam Park
    Skate One Corp CS Supervisor
    E-Commerce Dept Manager

    At least they told me the problem, unlike topspin. We will see!
  • Also just my observation, I think all the eBay sellers got there stuff first, the reissues are all over it!
  • Got my Mountain/Tommy/DVD shipping confirmation this morning.
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    I got my TG just before Christmas...... No complaints, looks amazing blah blah blah. Yesterday I got a bill in the mail from FedEx for $18.29............... WHAT!!!!!?????? I thought for sure the $50 fucking dollars for shipping would cover any duty/ brokerage bullshit charges. I mean I get a lot of decks shipped (to Canada) and i've never had to pay 50 dollars for shipping...  I've been waiting for years to get my hands on this deck, so you know the deal, I coughed up the dough.
    Kinda Choked!
  • It's a little disheartening to come here and see all these bad vibes and negative comments. I received my Hawk re-issue well before Christmas and kind of figured everyone else got theirs too. I had no idea what a clusterfuck this had turned into. My heart goes out to the people that were counting on having their boards by now but got jerked around instead. That's weak. Hell, there are Hawk re-issues on feeBay already. Hope you guys get your stuff. And I hope PP gets their shit together. Although judging by the comments I've read, that's not going to happen anytime soon.
  • Finally got the rest if my order. The Mountain and Guerrero are quite nice. Prefect paint on mine. Flexy though. I will set one up to ride this weekend.
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