Your verdict on the BB documentary reissues?



  • Finally saw it over the weekend, thought it was ok.
    I do feel it's time for George & Stacy to concentrate on the CURRENT team alot more. You don't hardly see an ad for Powell-Peralta. Bones wheels, lead by Washburn, doin great & very viable. Same with the Bearings, even the mini-logo line is looking good & VISIBLE in the big pictture.
    With this current roster of Hoffart,Bartie,Martin, & CAB being pro, Hawkins on the cusp aswell as McClain & Reeves to go along with the am talents..... this is a VERY talented & well rounded team. How about promoting them MORE, a new TEAM ONLY film to showcase this team? The past is the past. I'm sentimental as many others are about the Bones Brigade, but this current Bones Brigade team should be showcased much,much better & much,much more often.
    Quit goin back so much & tryin to cash in on the past. I want this company around years from now so my boys & they're buds have real American made boards to skate in the future. But pissing off customers by not fufilling deadlines, selling chinese wood, & merely making "wall art" isn't gonna cut it.
    Hopefully they don't over commit in the future when making "wall hangers", make REAL amends with their fanbase & concentrate on the present team more frequently moving forward.

    I'm hoping they wise up sooner rather than later or their won't be a later.
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    well they are working on a new video and a new bones video supposed to be out next month. if i was the team or brand manager for either brand id make the team do an ad every month
  • has one of each reissue in stock at the moment.

  • Yeah BrigadeBill, i'm friends on Facebook with alot of the team & Bartie,Reeves & Martin have confirmed they're tryin to get new footage for a new video, so i'm anxious for that but look how long it's been.
    But it seems the mags cover only "specific" teams, companies, riders, ect. It's up to George &/ or Stacy to get the guys out & in the eye of it all. It gets old seeing the same folks, over & over again in interviews. Or in their videos.
    Sorry for the rantin' lol!
  • na i agree with u 100%
  • Didn't skateone move to a larger building?   I'm happy they now have a wheel well station. Though my Hawk arrived with two different wheel well sizes.
  • What's the quality of the wood like on the hawk board FAUS? Does it flex much??
  • I have the Hawk and mine flexes as bad as the rest of them.  With it flat on the ground, you can stand on it and make the tail flush with the ground.
  • Too scared to stand on it, might break.
  • That's not real good, my mountain creaks every time I stand on it or move the trucks side to side and the tail almost flexes to the ground. I took it for a light skate the other day and it felt like I was bouncing up and down whenever I pushed off and the thing felt like if I was a few pounds heavier it would have cracked in two. So shit
  • Someone wrote all over it.
  • No Chris look at it real good. There is something missing
  • George forgot to sign it
  • Truck holes?
  • Are you going to set it up and ride it?
  • It's Blurry?
    No wait it was signed on top of the plastic and not the deck?
    No Stacy Peralta sig?
  • No George powell
  • Any one else order the Caballero? Instead of a stained blue, mine appears to be a dark blue/purple dip. Can't even read the powell peralta or caballero that is printed in black.
  • here ya go ram

  • Mine finally arrived.

  • Good! I sent the Skull and Sword back for George to sign it. I hope it makes it back!
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