Your verdict on the BB documentary reissues?



  • i LOVE the lance mountain board and of course the mullen board i do believe that some of these boards are just meant to be wallhangers while the possible next batch will be the real deal to ride and thrash and i went to the birdhouse site this morning and went to hawk's bio and he has a bones wheels and indy logo on his bio so yea he is officially riding for them
  • Hawk riding for Independent....about time!!!! Hahaha!!
  • I think the t.g may have the ripper on top. I saw a black one on eBay that has a goldish coloured ripper logo
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    yea about time he comes back home to bones
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    bring on wave 2 :D

    & bring on the FP Special Edition with out takes & other assorted extra footage

  • I'm really suss on the preorder thing. Maybe we are on the preorder list for the second wave of reissues? I hope I'm right fellas.
  • I seriously don't think they'll bring out more boards for a while guess would be around Jan or Feb for the next wave and I don't think all the skaters will get another board reished. Would be cool though, whatever boards they decide to bring out next someone will love em
  • Yea I ordered mine! Too bad you could only have one item in your cart at a time and pay for it then have to go back and do it all over again. But over all not to bad. And the price for all of them was not too bad. Did any one else order them all (package)?
  • Yeah its a love hate feeling right now for me. I LOVE the lime green mountain and the Mullen. But I'm not too excited about the hawk and the Guerrero colorways...makes me sad. Love the wheel wells!! Don't love the McGill...Grrrr. Defenitly getting the mountain to hang and skate the hawk. Overall... I'm pretty happy. :-)
  • I'm underwhelmed, and pissed that they didn't keep their word about this 'list'.  And yet I sent them $500.  I went with three Mountains and Two Tommy's.  One for the wall, one for a display complete, and one Mountain to ride.  Hate to come off like a hoarder, but I've been waiting a long time for this.

    Don't like the Tony shape, and was never into freestyle.  The McGill and Cab have been available for years, just maybe in not as a polished state.
  • Myren I got mine all on the same was strange but did work
  • I thought it was a bit of a rip there was no discount for getting all 6. Even just $20-50 would of been a nice gesture, but they were cheap anyway so...postage to oz made it a bit more expensive, I got 3 decks which will cost $450 US
  • Me 2 Myren, got the set & DVD package. Now I'm broke but hey... well worth it for me. As long as I have gas money to get to work & back, I'm good lol!
  • CWALKER3 I too only went with getting Tony, Tommy and Lance boards. I have the McGill for past reissues and the Cab. I was still hoping for the different shapes. But I am guessing it is easier for them to make the boards being all the same shape.

    But it is cool to have the decks now.
  • I got the dvd & the deck set in one sale without any issues.. heaps of guys on snb have said they had issues with the checkout tho
  • Just ordered the mountain and the Guerrero. $200.00 bucks for both of those boards is a fucking steal..I'm happy.:-D however...I'm really pissed about the hawk. We wait how many years for a re issue and we get a white pig? Seriously? Wish I wasn't broke I would order 3 more mountains. But I'm pretty happy with my collection.. Today is a great day. Come on December 3rd!!!!
  • many folks are upset over the Hawk shape..

    Kam, whats the reason they went with the pig over the shape the entire earth wanted?
  • You should email him Doc if you're that annoyed with the shape..I forgive them for releasing the shapes they did for the hawk and mcgill, only because I almost creamed my pants when I saw the green mountain. Can't wait to get the decks I ordered, hopefully they'll arrive before Christmas
  • My thoughts exactly Doc. I'm not pissed off or upset, more confused then anything! This brings back my theory that there has to be a second wave of reissues. It doesn't make sense to release a few pig shaped reissues, when, in Doc's words, you could of released the shaped boards the entire earth wants.
    Talk to us Kam, we can keep a secret!!
  • not really a secret if it is a public forum lol
  • If any of you hear the secret, let me know..I love a good gossip
  • Haha!! Oh Yeh!! Forgot about that! Email us all then Kam! Then one of us won't be able to help themselves, and blabber about it on here! Haha!!

  • So has anyone heard how may of each board will be made? I have heard a number but it seemed really high.
  • 10,000 of each

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