Your verdict on the BB documentary reissues?



  • That is the number I heard, just wondering. Also any one know if they are Screen Printed or Heat Transferred?
  • The decks are nice but I can't buy enless they bring the fish tail decks out. Glad I made my own tony hawk fish tail deck hee hee.
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    in not annoyed slippery, I just wanna to know (curious cat killing etc etc)
    emailing is a waste of time imo when he can simply pop a post up

    boner I dont think there will be a second wave anymore

    the 10k number came from an email Kam sent to another member, which was then posted (which is why I think emailing is a waste of time when it can be posted anyways) they are also transferred, not screened.

    imo its a very nice set of decks, everyone I know has either bought a set, or is planning to buy them
    I guess letting folks know whether they were limited n all that would have helped, but lets face it, its financial suicide to produce them in limited numbers when you have half the earth banging on your door for them. I would have done the same

    did someone mention something about a doco in all this?? lol
  • If it happens, it happens, I'm not overly fazed anymore. Stoked for the dude that like the reissues and bought them, but like I've said before, you can't please everyone.

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    I personally dont care.. in the end I'll have a cool set of decks, a doco Ive always thought would have been great to see & now can.

    the most difficult part in all of this isnt the price, or the quality, or the major stuff up on picking the correct Hawk shape, its convincing my misses that I havnt spent more money on decks that will suddenly appear lol .. Ill have to down a few hot ones before I get brave enough to show her

  • Haha!! They don't stay shitty for long dude! Yeh the doco itself is more than enough for me fellas.
  • Thanks for the updates Doc! I know what you mean... my accountant .. I mean my wife (lol) already saw the debited amount on our statement. I have a lot of brownie points to make up, if ya know what I mean. Lets just say that was my x-mas, Father's Day & b-day for the next couple of years hahaha!
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    hey guys..quick question. did anyone else get an email confirmation upon pre ordering? i couldnt print a receipt because i bought thme off my phone, i have the statement in my mobile bank app showing they are paid for...but it says they will email a recipet. did anyone get this?
  • Yea nick, I got a receipt in my email when I paid for mine
  • Me too Nick, I got an email receipt comformation
  • Did you check ur spam folder?
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    me 3 on the confirmation

    the minister for war & finances at my place has granted me permission to buy them.. lucky I wasnt stupid enough to confirm the sale had already gone ahead
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    Definitely hyped on the reissue decks and looking forward to seeing the documenary on the 22nd of this month.  Crossing my fingers for another wave of reissue shapes and colors.  I'm kicking myself for not jumping on some of the personal vault items.  I logged on Monday when most of the items were still available but hesitated.
  • the 22nd?
  • I ordered a TG and a LM and I plan to skate both.  I'm not a collector/wall hanger.  How many of you guys will actually skate these decks?  
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    i would, and then hang em

  • Both, hang & ride. For me it's like art while remembering my childhood in what I think was the best damn decade --the 80's!
  • I'm going to ride my's too ugly to hang. lol  So I'm taking advantage of that ugliness and going to bolt some G&S trucks and rat bones wheels to it and ride it like it's 1988.
  • Niiiccceee brotha!
  • I'm riding the mountain and tg decks, and might pick up another of each at a later date for safe keepings
  • Got my email finally..weird took a few days. ;-) thanks guys
  • I love the lime green mountain... I will probably hang it. I got a Guerrero because I've wanted one for soooo long but I hate black skateboards..its the 2nd worst colorway only next to red. Just my opinion. I wish it was hot pink! They are all sick, wheel Wells, full dip, hopefully oval dragons on top, I say that because the oval dragons would be more time period correct givven the shapes and wheel Wells. More legit if u will. ;-)
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    Nick, I am of the same thought re the top graphic

    Ive now got more mates whove bought the set than I thought would.. everyones cracking boners for the decks over my way
  • The other day I saw a black tg on eBay with a gold ripper on topside, I thought it looked good. I've also seen the green mountain with the red oval dragon. I'd prefer ripper in light blue
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