Your verdict on the BB documentary reissues?



  • One spin we could put on it is that this set of decks could be the BB early years, and the next set will be decks from the late 80s
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    Per the Bones Brigade website...

    22 Oct 7:00 PM - Long Beach Art Theatre - Long Beach, CA




  • Ah, gotcha, a screening. I was getting stoked to watch the download early!!
  • So did anyone else notice that if you enlarges the Guerro deck, the text in on back truck holes says, Powell Corporation Copyright 1986©? Wonder if this is just an old deck used to show what it will look like and not the real product. (So no wheel wells) I could not make out the Lance nose text.
  • Slippery, I hope your right! I had that same thought. :D
  • Doesn't the txt on the nose of the mountain just say Powell Peralta??
  • ..scratch that. I jus saw some other shit underneath pp. Looks like the brigade reissue stamp but could be wrong
  • It would also be cool to see the reissue of some of the designs on t shirts. That would be something I would like to see/have.

  • A Mullen tee would be sick
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    tees supposed to be released after the doco drops or whatever including stickers
  • Great! Thanks Bill.
    Would be cool to also get the Ray Barbee cards shirt, I know it will never happen.
  • I'll definately buy a few shirts....hopefully tey do a Bones Brigade T shirt,ifferent to the limited edition one you get with the doco.
  • Tg's board looks way better in black in my opinion
  • 10,000 shirts?
  • i too had the thought that they were maybe going for an early days/later days reissue..... here's to hoping for a later shape reissue with stickers and shirts to follow
  • I asked tommy via instagram what's the top graphic on his reissue board and he said he didn't even know but guessed it would be the same as the original flaming dagger. I'm guessing that will be oval dragon??
  • they gone down the pig path, so they should be ovals

    they will look odd with rippers imo
  • I've seen both the tg and fp mountain with ripper logo's on top..they both looked sweet
  • I was told the top graphics are going to match the originals and they will have the new truck hole patterns,,,
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    I thought it would be cool to see them make a full sized modern concave Mullen... just a thought cuz the graphic is bitchen! Either way, I'm just excited I finally have the complete set of the Bones Brigade decks that I used to dream of as a kid...& even now lol. Can't wait til they ship!
  • are you sure the Mullen is full size tho?

    personally I think it will be weird to look at if it is.. I have it coming none the less
  • Nah brotha, I was saying I wish the Mullen had the option of a full size so I could shred it. That graphic on a Frankie Hill shaped board would be bitchen!! Just sayin...
  • oh ok.. I was always of the thought that they should have done a street deck for him, in the same way Wellinder had his
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