Your verdict on the BB documentary reissues?



  • yea like an ex-employee said shops can charge whatever they want for the powell product
  • I get the business side of it, but it's shitty nonetheless.  It just means I won't buy the next set of releases from PP, I will wait for them to hit the stores.

    I actually like it better when companies don't allow outside vendors to sell their product for cheaper than the supplying company.  I work in the automotive field, and Steeda is a good example of this.  None of their authorized distributors are allowed to sell their products for cheaper than Steeda sells them directly to the public.  
  • ^that sounds awfully like what apple do with their products, which I hate. Don't get me wrong, it'd be nice to pick up these decks as cheap as possible, but at the time I was happy to pay the price they were asking so I really have no complaints (with postage to Australia each deck set me back about $150 each)
  • When are they going to post some pics of these decks?  I would assume the production is underway and most likely complete.
  • Yea dude, I'm hanging to see some more angles of the and bottom
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    pre ordering is the only mistake made here

  • Did you say steak... :)
  • Scroll down to the bottom. 89 bucks for brigade decks & check out the reissue shirts that they don't even offer at the skateone store..
  • pretty rad, i really like the shirts
  • the shirts are awesome.. thats a def "get" on my list

    darule, just think tho, they are more than likely to be cheaper from howards shop anyways
  • True....& the shirts are bitchen too. Gotta get a couple of those. Be cool if I could wear them to work. Lovin this trip down memory lane......
  • the mcgill and mullen shirts are super dope
  • memory lanes can go either way..

  • Fuck a duck..just when I thought I had every PP tee I want I see a future primitive and Mullen tee..the McGill shirt ain't bad either but the flaming loveheart guerrero tee is kinda disco
  • Alright, here we go. Bones Brigade decks & Tees @ skateone store. Can't wait til there in stock!!!! Man, this Bones Brigade merch is gonna make me broke..;) but well worth it!!!!!!!
  • Now I'm gonna be spending some money....shirts,shirts and more shirts!!!
  • rofl .. every time I look at something new regarding the vault, there is another new comment about how the doco is lacking without anything VCJ in it lol
  • Has anyone caught wind of when the next set of colour runs are going to be available? Interesting to see what'll come next..have a look what I came across on instagram, have no idea where the info came from, I've only see the one colour run
  • blue background would be nice with red text
  • Just looks like a proof sheet, with the current colors used. But it would be nice to see the white background, black design and red text.
  • I have two thoughts about that proof sheet.  The first that those color samples are of the colorways for ALL of the reissue decks, black being TG, white being Hawk, so on.  My second thought is those are just the colors of the green LM deck.  The blue matches the blue in Lance Mountain, the other colors are explained by the top logo and in the figures.  

    I would love to see those colors all released.....I have been dying for a black/red deck, but I think them releasing FP in 5 different colors is expecting too much.
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