Your verdict on the BB documentary reissues?



  • I don't think it's the first point you made Chris, cause the McGill came it red..but your second point makes sense..let's go with that
  • So I asked about the colours, shapes of the other 3 sets of bones brigade reissues..and I have hope again for a snakeskin McGill..a non-pig shaped one that is;

    " First and foremost, thanks for your email. Always cool to talk to fellow skaters. You'll need to stay tuned to the Skate One site for the next colorways. They will not be sold on the Bones Brigade site. The ones that were sold there are the first colorway and ordering from the site was the only way to guarantee you got those. In terms of the different shapes, you just never know... The tops of this set of reissues are all the oval dragon."
  • Thanks for the update brotha! I just wish they wouldn't be so damn secretive....
  • With any luck, these decks should start shipping will be a miracle if I get mine before chrissie, but a late xmas pressie would be good as well :)
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    Does anyone have confirmation that their bones brigade decks have been shipped yet? I'm assuming it might take a while for em to organise shipping for all the decks that were preordered...I'm far too impatient for international shipping lol
  • Nope, still waiting....
  • My live receipt says items will "usually" ship within 72 hours..hmm, usually is one step away from occasionally lol
  • step or 2 which means 2 steps to getting out of the chair to ship it lol
  • My live receipt says the same thing. It has said that for a while now.
  • in my case....
    I just got off the phone with Daniel at skateone in customer service...
    the tony hawk decks haven't been made yet. unsure if other decks have been made or are still waiting to be made. 
        once they are made, they will be shipped on that day in the orders the orders were received.
    its been two months since I placed my order and the decks still haven't been made?!?! that makes me irritated. I was cool with waiting seeing as the wait would allow time to make the decks... but hearing the decks haven't been made at all.... irritates me.
    come on... products should be ready to be made as soon as the preorder is available. there is a huge demand for the reissue decks.... i'm sure I am not the only one annoyed by this.

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    Guessing what has happened is that they did not want to over produce product. Like they did in the late 80's early 90's. (See ebay and other site still selling NOS decks like the Ray Underhill Iron Cross, Steve Saiz Buffalo and Frankie Hill Ear) Then they would be stuck trying to unload product at a loss. So they have waited to see how many sold and will produce the amount of product needed with minimal extra's.

    All just a guess.
  • Agreed myren..find out exactly how many you going to need, then make em. It is kinda annoying that they gave a timeline for shipping that was most likely going to be unachievable'll take months before they finish this first color run
  • I agree with you slippery. they could have  made 500 of each board to at least cover their shipping claim... then make more as needed. :)
  • lol

    /shakes head
  • oh shit lol

    no wonder there are delays
  • I take it everyone got the same email apologising for the delay in shipping the decks and that they'll be shipped 21st at the week if you only ordered hawk and/or mountain decks. I was appreciative they told us why there was a hold up, they've probably been bombarded with emails lol
  • Yup, got that same disappointing email....
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    At least you get a PDF card...
    And now it's hanging on my wall. And takes up so much less room then a deck! I can hang six up in the space a deck would take up.
  • Looks like I'll be wrapping up the ecard for myself and opening it xmas morning
  • Lol!!!! I know right, what's up with that... PDF card my ass lol....
  • what does it look like
  • Could this whole thing be any more fucking botched?  I made the mistake of ordering the blu-ray with the decks and I still don't have a fucking copy. Gee, good think I pre-ordered.
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