aussies are getting the raw end of the deal

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A friend of mine just tried preordering the BB doco digi download and Australia no longer appears on the list for ordering stuff. This is really strange because I preordered it along with decks the day it started and it worked fine. Apparently the Australian distributer isnt planning on selling it in stores for another month and it isn't even a skate shop. This pisses me off big time and is a big fuck you to us aussie PP fans. The song and dance Stacy peralta made about him being ripped off on his previous films when it came to distribution and now he's gone and sold out by only letting JB Hifi sell it exclusively and no digital downloads for anyone down here. I'm hoping they'll still honour my order seeing as though I've paid for it. I'm a little less psyched now to see the film and wonder if anyone in the US would think this was acceptable if the same thing happened to them


  • Too bad we don't live in Afghanistan, Swaziland, Congo or Iraq. We'd have no worries getting the digi download
  • Fuck I'm angry, time to go skate one of my PP decks until I snap it
  • yeah man, thats fucked
  • I to was pissed when i couldn't checkout. I wanted the t shirt combo. I bet JHS (Powell Aussie distributer) is also.I was stocked to be able to able to buy the decks though.
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    I was lucky enough to be able to order the downloadable version, but I'm not that hopeful that they'll honour it
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    time to email customer service
  • I have, no response
  • I just went to the Bones Brigade site and read the note to those in Aussie and NZ. I live in NZ and I paid for the dvd/ download the day it was made available to order. I imagine I'm screwed now as well. I contacted them asking for a refund. I am sure they will sort the mess out for those of us in this situation.

    I understand that they have to get distributors that make sense for both parties. After all , they are releasing this to profit from, its at least as much about making money as much as the nostalgia trip. Just a good sales pitch to say its all about the fans etc. I never believe that bullshit anyway.

    Still looking forward to it, which it could be sooner but what can you do!
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    yea that sucks if u have family in the us or other country maybe they can order it for u and then ship it to u doing stuff internationally is a pain in the ass anyway
  • We shouldn't have to bill. The fact that they offer a product..we paid for it, and afterwards they most likely are going to take it off the table is bullshit. Plus the distributer they chose has been systematically wiping every decent independent record store out of the market over the past 5-10 yrs, has in no way ever supported the skating community and much the same as Stacy is looking to cash in on some pop-culture fad
  • One word.... "torrent"
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    agreed also dont forget youtube and any file hosting/sharing website in general. maybe u and ur friends can open some kind of distribution channel over there. i think something will work out eventually though just will take awhile
  • I can assure you if they don't honour the digi download I have already paid for I won't be paying to see it
  • I hear ya slippery. At the end of the day this will be a nice nostalgia trip but lets face it, there is a ton of great stuff out right now. I love how Lance Mountain always answers the question "when was the best era of skating" with "right now".

    There is such amazing stuff out now if I never saw this doco I would be sweet. Not at all impressed with the boards they are releasing.

    All good, sure we will see it one way or another.
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    what we need to know is simple

    those who paid for the movie week they released the pre order stuff, bundled items or not, will they still get it?

  • That's what I'm trying to find out. Michael from skateone did get back to me about an hour ago, but even they're unsure and were taken off guard with the distributer thing. He said he'd hopefully have an answer by Monday (US time) and was really apologetic..but it's all up in the air at the moment. If they signed an exclusivity agreement with a distributer one would think they would be bound by that but I'm still hopeful..albeit blind optimism
  • I wonder what the result will be lol

  • I'm hoping that the download will be magically available from my order receipt when the clock ticks over to 12am US EST..fingers crossed!!
  • Hey fellas, it looks like JB HIFI got the deal for the doco. Just saw it in the latest catalogue. It's gonna be available on the 5th of December.
  • JB, youve done it again
  • That's old news dude lol
  • Hey doc, did your download come through..mine did, glad I ordered it the first day before topspin realised their glitch allowing ozzers and kiwis to buy it off the website
  • yea we got it.. my mate is still waiting for his disk, geeing himself up lol, I couldnt hack waitn so I downd it
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