aussies are getting the raw end of the deal



  • AHHH! but you didn't know that JB were releasing it on the 5th of december did you slippery??? Hahaha!!!
    So technically it is NEW news!! LOL!
  • That infos been on their website since PP announced they were the distributer. You could preorder it from JB in late October and it had the same release date then as it does yea dude, still old news
  • Sorry mate, just trying to have a joke.

  • Hahaha..fair call, I'm still pissed over the JB deal that got struck
  • I don't know if you've heard about us aussie's losing out on the Vision Street wear shoes. We can't buy direct from the VSW site either! Some barstad has got the distrubution rights for them too.
  • Shit really?! Well that's new news lol a while ago I bought a few pairs from a place called Rare Records in St Kilda..I think they've since closed their store and are only selling online, but that vision things u know who their distributer is boner?
  • Nah, no idea mate. Hopefully they'll start appearing on Ebay, but they are usually overpriced. At least Airwalk let's you buy their reissues  from their site. Although they are slowly running out. I think there is only the 540's and one style of 600's left. I have no idead if they are reissuing any more colourways or styles.
  • I got the pink and green psychos, and b&w skulls visions just because they look fuckin ill a while back, but I dunno..I tend to find dc's, vans and emerica have plenty of comfortable and most importantantly light shoes for skating. I never did get used to skating in hightops..hmm this could be a subject for another thread
  • Haha!! Yeh! I bought a pair of the reissue Airwalk 600F's, and tryed to skate in them. I have no idead how l did tricks in them BITD. They are super comfy, but too bulky now.
    I think I'm just used to DC's too.
  • Just open a Hop & Go account .. you can then circumvent any distribution deals that screw a nation over

    Even American Express is onboard with the same idea.. they call it something different tho
  • Thanks for the tip doc..I'll keep that in mind
  • Anyone else got confirmation of shipping yet?
  • edited December 2012
    Have you doc? I haven't. Got this from Kam in response to my question about the next color run and truck patterns though;

    "the decks should have both truck hole patterns.

    The next color run will not be done for months. As we are going to be behind on those decks for sometime to fill all pre orders. Thanks kam"
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