have you seen the doco

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Hey all, I won't do the whole spoiler alert thing..but just wanted to say how awesome I thought the film was (watched it twice already), and how surprisingly emotional it got, saw lance in a whole new light


  • Where's Ray Bones?
  • Where's VCJ?
  • Maybe their in the deleted scenes lol
  • I imagine the grunt footage is also worthy of viewing
  • Sorry grunt footage means what? Either I'm gullible or I got scammed and didn't get the deleted scenes in my download
  • Not to worry slippery, there's no deleted scenes in the download...was just saying they weren't included or cut off. Hmmm, but I do wonder if there will be any bonus material on the actual DVD?
  • grunt footage is what they call the stuff that ends up on the editors floor after they cut whatever they want to cut out

  • wondering when the damn things gonna ship. i thought it was supposed to be the on the 6th, but i have yet to get a confirmation email that it shipped
  • Has anyone got their Bones Brigade  Blu-ray in the mail yet?
  • Nope, I believe they ship starting Nov.28, that's just according to the email I got that it was gonna be shipped late. :(
  • I think if you order decks with the movie it will not ship until the decks do?
  • thats the way I understood it as well myren
  • It seems like the more you ordered, the longer the wait... hmmm, that kinda sucks... oh well... that's life..lol
  • So are there any "easter eggs" on the dvd?

  • havent heard or read about any does come with a poster though
  • I have heard from an eBay seller that there's no special features on the DVD or blueray
  • yea i havent seen any notices online about any extras
  • The poster is pretty cool. It looks like the 80's product ones.
  • just watched the vid it was pretty deep
  • I still haven't got to watch it yet, even though I paid for it the first day it was for sale.
  • I know ey bill, gets pretty real towards the end
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    I said it in another thread, but it seemed to me like  Cab had an "ah-ha" moment.  It seemed like those two were very vocal about wanting to tell the story about the 80s/90s skate world...the guys who took the torch from the DogTown guys and carried it to the X-games generation.  And at some point, while telling the story, they realized "Holy shit....the guys I looked up to, the guys I wanted to talk about, the guys who pushed skateboarding....I'm one of them".  Almost like they didn't really think about it before. 

    What does it feel like when someone realizes he is a legend?

    Especially Lance, always my favorite skater, and one of my favorite human beings.  I don't think Lance is willing to accept that he is a legend.  He's just a skateboarder who feels lucky enough to have been able to hang out with the legends he looked up to....he hasn't realized it yet.
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