have you seen the doco



  • I think maybe he thinks that cause the other guys have a "legacy" trick(s) to their name. Lance has been my favourite for years, his personality and style for me set him apart from the rest. I really liked his part in the latest flip vid, fuckin crazy!
  • I liked seeing the new footage of the guys at the end.  I wish Mullens footage would have been new and I could have watched Tommy skate SF for an hour.

    I enjoyed the doc, but didn't really learn anything new.  It was like they just scratched the surface and teased us.
  • sooooooooooooooooooo..................... any extras on the DVD/Blueray????????????
  • Nope nothing. 
  • SUPER WEAK!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  • in a few years, theyll offer the extras doco disk

    for another $20
  • Ah, the George Lucas school of marketing. I really look forward to the special edition of the documentary with a song and dance number and an odd scene with lance where greedo shoots first.
  • Imo there is probably enough footage to have an hour on each of them. 6 disk set to go with the 6 pack of decks.

  • That would be rad ^ after all, if there's a 2.5 hour doco on gator there should definitely be one for each of these dudes
  • It would be cool to see a documentary on the rise and fall and rise again of the skate industry (or a few companies). Kind of along the lines of Sean Cliver's book Disposable: A History of Skateboard Art did with the art. With inside info and behind the scenes stories and what not.
  • Myren, Man who Souled the world kind of did that, reflected on the fall of big companies and rise of smaller companies.

    It was interesting to hear Stacy talk about how he wanted to let the guys start their own companies under the PP banner, but George was against it....which, of course, was ultimately what SMA did and helped the downfall of PP.
  • Chris, I did find that interesting how Stacy wanted to do that. It would had been a good business move.

    I did see the man who sold the world. I need to check that out again, kinda forgot about that. Roco was crazy, but smart about a lot of things at the same time.
  • Watched it last night, thought it was awesome. It was worth watching just for Lance and Rodneys parts alone. I fuckin loved stecyk. He was great too. ;) Lace was always one of my favs I agree with whoever said earlier they look at him now in a different light. He doesn't seem to consider himself a legend. But he most certainly is. I thought it was too short however..there was so much more that needed to be covered. And right at the end when it gets really emotional and I was completley locked in...it ended. Wish there was some deleted scenes too. Oh well. Def worth seeing.
  • I did cry when Lance and cab were crying. Ill man up and admit that. ;-) It was pretty emotional. That was the point I assume. And Stacy delivered. Amen.
  • Which makes me wonder if we'll ever see the cutting room floor footage.  You figure at least two rounds of interviews for each guy, plus Stacy didn't do all the interviews, as can be heard in some of Lance's comments.  You figure there must be HOURS of cut footage, stories, all kinds of stuff I would pay top dollar for.
  • Forget the decks, t-shirts, and stickers....give me a few more hours of Lance Mountain on camera, and I'm in.  
  • Rodney, Lance & TG are the winners here imo
  • What Bones Brigade movie has Hawk ollieing over the fence at Del Mar?   I was sure it was Future Primitive. Can anyone fill me in?
  • animal chin, when they're hanging out in the room at the pink motel
  • And method air, and judo air..

    I don't care how cheesy it is, I love animal chin.
  • To the people complaining about no VCJ in the doc. If you havent watched the Special Edition Future Primitive that just came out. You get a big dose at the end. 
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