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Does anyone on here ride, or ever had a black label deck? Just curious to know what peoples experience has been with them?


  • i rode a few of them back in the day when neil hendrix and mike v was part of the crew. their concave and pop was really nice but they really dont have any money anymore so might be a matter of time before they fold. they are part of blitz now so no clue who does the wood
  • Black Label has always put out a quality product.  Had to make adjustments, because of tough times, but the Label is forever.  Great team also.  Lucero has heart. 

    Shame on you Bill for trying to start rumors " might be a matter of time before they fold."  People have been trying to spread that shit about Powell since the 90's.  Here they are, still putting out quality goods. 

  • Don't they make their boards in China?
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    regardardless of their finance situation im sure they got china made boards u can always go to a shop or call them or email them to find out
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