Per Welinder Street Model Reissue

A Per Welinder Street Model Reissue would be awsome.. Anyone? Anyone?


  • all re-issues need to be signed off by the rider. he has not so we believe he is not interested.
  • I guess Steve Rocco manipulated peoples (meaning some people and Ex-Team members) thoughts and feelings toward Powell, Why would any Pro (that still skates or doesn't) not want his old board re-issued? Per Welinder's board was sick back in the day.. The graphic is a classic..
  • What exactly do you mean when you say he hasnt signed off his board? Have you guys approached him directly about it?
  • some ppl just dont want to live in the past or want to forget about totally be down for it no matter who my board sponsor was at the time...i view it as a compliment that someone wants to re-make one of u're old graphics
  • Seeing what Powell, Santa Cruz etc. have reissued I'm not surprised some of them don't want their boards reproduced.

    different wood, glue, colors, concave, fucking heat transfers etc. etc. etc.

    and what you have in the end is a board that feels or looks nothing like the original

  • I agree,a lot of half ass reissues ,if you're going to all the trouble to reissue a deck do it right!
  • please take in to consideration skateboarding politics. even though there should be no reason for it in this sport there is and it controls many aspects.
  • par and roddney other boards were the bomb back in the day not the street boards the other 1 s the free sty ons u have made kevins .but like u said politics im sure that some gr8 ful people out there
  • yea it is a business situation and alot of ppl dont really understand
  • Does SOC or VJC not own the rights to the graphic? I mean I know you would have to get Per to sign off for his name, but what about graphics? Just wondering.
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    as far as i was informed from soc.. the graphic "with" or.."without" his name on the deck cannot be re-released with out his consent. he owns the right to distibution as much as powell does. all parties have to agree.
  • Ditto. thanks Nick
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