Mini Logo made in China?



  • If it cost less to produce MiniLogo in China, then the prices should be lowered.  The decks are still the same price as they were when they were made in the USA.  

    The problem I have with "Made in China" is that their "laws" should be illegal.  They have children working in factories and they have no concern for the environment.   
  • no doubt^ let alone we need to produce more in the u.s. because just about all the skateboard deck manufacturing jobs are gone because of china and mexico.......let's go 'merica!
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    Yeah I understand what yer saying about lower prices, but, then the US economic situation and the US skateboard industry would have to get better for that to happen first as well. 
    I don't think the problems were "how do we make more $ already doing what we do here" but "how do we make the same $ doing what we do here to make this still as profitable as it used to be so we can still make $30 decks".

    I miss the days of paying $20 for the US made blank decks of the 90's as much as the next dude, but I also get $20 $30 or $1 isn't what it once was 20 years ago either.

    I hear ya on the child labor laws sure, but in the situation we are talking about I really don't think is the situation.
    If we wanna not support that kind of child labor situation we need to stop buying Walmart products and foreign clothes and shit like that. You really think a 5 year old asian kid is gluing plies of Maple together then cutting them out on super powered routers and saws and sanders etc? : P
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    I don't think George would allow the factory over there to use child or detainee labor. But for an American, I get what they're saying, no matter the state of the economy, or cost to produce in the US. It's supporting Americans and less of a burden on the environment by way of there being a smaller carbon footprint being left behind. To be honest with you though, for me - I'm aussie so it's in our best interest that China's economy is strong, as they're the main country we export to, so I really don't care where the boards are made, as long as they're quality. After all, I've skated bones reds for more than two thirds of my life, and that's never worried me at all
  • foreigners do make good trucks and bearings no doubt about it but wood is something they should just not bother with...if u cant do something properly dont do it at all
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    Very true Slippery. 
    I dunno how it is anywhere else in the world but round these parts (the North East USA/New England) I never see anyone else w/ a Powell deck, not once, sometimes a Mini Logo and that's kinda rare too, everyone over here seems to skate mostly DLX/Real decks and whats "hip" and "in". Alot of shop decks too.
    I don't think Powell will ever be that "in" brand for the big dog of the skate deck buyers again regardless of how good they skate, it's just a different world today, and it's a world I'm not to happy sometimes to be a part of, but then again we have freedom to say skate a fishtail board and not get hassled, the 90's weren't that way and that's why I quit then, there were too many ridiculous rules and fads of hassling BS drama, alot of that is gone, but in alot of ways they also still exist but only now on a corporate shoe and energy drink level. 
    That's kinda why I am on this forum is because I wanted to find like minded people that also loved the Powell brand and legacy of what George does and has always done. 

    So I can understand why they kinda gotta do what they gotta do to help business profit wise to break even overall regardless of which of their brands are pulling the weight of the profits for them.

    But about the China thang, honestly, just try one of the new Mini Logo Militant decks, if anyone's not convinced after that of how they are the same quality still, just that they are made in a different country, even though it's the same wood and glue and presses, then cool, that's what the Powell Peralta decks are there for to buy. Personally I don't really need graphics, I go for the shape and the quality so Mini Logo's have always been something I choose above all other decks even when I can afford to splurge and get a "Pro" deck w/ graphics etc, I choose Mini Logo anyways. I too was bummed when I heard about the ML decks being from China, so I talked to the brand manager last spring and got to the bottom of it and understood. 
    I'm on a MIC ML deck now and there has been do difference at all. I don't even think about it.  
    If there wasn't a little removable Made In China sticker on it you'd never know. 
  • Chinese quality will eventually get there, for now tho imo its just isnt.

  • hopefully it doesnt ever get there
  • It will
    In the late 70's Jap cars were lacking in quality, they sorted that, in the 80's & 90's, Korean cars were a little so so.. now they are sorted out as well.

  • well hopefully the chinese board trend will die before it happens
  • Businesses looking to cut production costs by producing their stuff offshore isn't a trend, it's the way things are and will be from here on out. All industries are doing it, companies want to maximize their return on capital, and if that means losing a few customers they'll still be making more off each transaction which will balance out selling less units
  • This country needs to keep it's own citizens employed first and foremost. That may not be the way it is nor the way it's headed, but it is what needs to happen. A big part of our economy being in the shitter comes from the fact that millions are out of work, while huge corporations give our jobs away. Before anyone says it, I do realize that p/p decks are still made here in the good ol U.S. of A... Just a generalized rant on foreign made goods
  • Idealism vs Realism
  • Imo its time people get used to the way things are, simple facts are nobody can compete with Chinese manufacturing & the cost of doing business with them.

    Its a power you simply cannot fight.. the only way to combat it is for your country to drop its standards to the same level as China.

    Slippery is spot on.. Ideals v Reality

  • I have a blue mini logo militant made in china its made with maple wood . Seems pretty nice . Haven't really got to skate it yet
  • Got an 8.25 Mini Logo Militant deck last month. It's rock f'n solid! Seems tougher than the US ones were. The concave on the US ones always flattened out after a while, not on this MIC one.
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