Best formula wheel for skatelite ramps?

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I am guessing it is SPF or PF?


  • SPF!
    And they are not to bad in cement skateparks either.
  • SPF's are great.  DTF's grip really well also.
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    I've used all kinds of wheels over my skating lifetime. And I know that George Powell uses a "magic formula" with his MDI urethane's. BUT - I'll be honest. SPF's are ok, but still they are very slippery in indoor parks, honestly on masonite they are not much different than STF's. SPF's have the smooth surface riding space, where as STF's have treads which makes them slide more on masonite, which is weird when ya think about what the hell a tread is for anyways on street. On wooden bowls and ramps STF's only slide a slight bit more because of that tread groove they have. The treads collect the dust and grime from masonite and indoor flat concrete on the street courses like a sticky magnet and then you have to de-schmeg your wheels every 2 minutes on the plywood walls behind the ramps or your basically skating on a 1/16th layer of ramp schmeg and there's no wheel contact at all, just schmeg, it can suck really quick in a fast and hip pump happy bowl. But like STF's they really work pretty good on cement parks. I've been saying it for awhile that Bones needs to make an Indoor Park Formula, IDF, something that can compete w/ the softer, grippy type wheels like the Rainskates Yellow 98a wheels and Type-S 96a soft formula wheels. Something between the DTF and SPF, and good and grippy, but almost as fast as the SPF. Somewhere around a 95-98a feel and grip, but with that 83-84B scale type speed the STF's & SPF's have. I know they can do it. I do know Powell Peralta has 97a bowl wheels, but that's standard urethane isn't it? I'm talking about the magic stuff, the un-flatspotable, guaranteed for life stuff like the  SPF, STF, DTF and ATF are made of. All the 97a sizes are for big bowl carving and rolling wheels, I like smaller alla round wheels to keep it light, to get air and flip and stuff too. 
    Bones wheels dominates the wheel market in the street arena, and the Concrete park arena, their wheels are the best and longest lasting in those areas of skateboarding, but on masonite it seems the crown is going to the smaller companies like Rainskates, Abec 11, Type S and such because they are making a fast, very grippy wheels in their lineup. The need for speed is great, the need for grip in a warehouse dusty environment is greater. Nothing kills a great hard session like a slip out on Mach 10 because of slippery ramps and slippery wheels. I'm not talking stuff you can kneeslide out of either, I'm talking the sudden slip that comes out of nowhere when your going all for it and you haven't even got to your wall or coping you were pumping up to to get your trick etc. I speak out of experience because I know all too well. I broke my right kneecap back in May because of a sudden wheel slipout, then I went out and bought 187's because this is the only park I got around here and I know there's no way to not take these sudden slip outs, and it's a fast whacky bowl where kneeslides are just as important as anything. I've fucked my ass and hip up alot too on wheel slip. I feel like I'm out there half the time trying to make sure I don't slip, almost as much as I'm trying to do my tricks and get over the coping or grab my board etc etc. 
    All I got is my old man session at an indoor park so I want a grippier wheel, I know I'm not the only one with these problems. My dedication for "Powell and Bones wheels only" is on the verge of a substitute by necessity to advance into more risky skating and I don't want that to do that without Bones under my feet. 
    Help me Bones-i Wan Kenobi, you're my only hope! 
  • Sorry I meant TDI urethane's, not the standard MDI urethane's.
  • I've got 2 sets of 97a wheels on the way. 
    I'm returning 2 sets of STF's for them w/ Skate One.
    These are what i will be riding this winter.
    - Powell Peralta Ripper 54mm 97a & Mini Logo 58mm 97a.
    These will be specifically for the skatepark I skate at that is all super slippery, and dusty masonite and slimy slick concrete flat.
    I will report my results once I have given them a few sessions in the park. 

    I got a bunch of sets of Bones STF wheels for naming the new Bones video - "New Ground".
    Sadly I can't use STF's or SPF's to their full potential here in my states skate situation or at the one park I go to.
    So I had to move onto Powell Peralta wheels.
    I'm just glad to keep it all in the family. 
    I still have another few unopened sets of STF's unused, but throughout the winter here in New England it will be mostly indoor Masonite park and bowl sessions...that's why I need the grip more than ever. 

    So here are my suggestions to anybody having major issues w/ SPF's or STF's being slippery and you mainly skate wooden masonite or skatelite bowls or ramps, try any of these other Skate One wheels -
    - 54mm Rippers 97a
    - 58mm Mini Logo S1 97a
    60mm Rat Bones II 97a
    - 56/58mm BONES DTF 95a
    - 60mm Bowl Riders 95a
    - 64mm Bowl Bombers 95a

  • Ok so after a few weeks of trial review I can gladly say that I have found my preferred Skate One wheels of choice for slippery masonite bowls and ramps. I am currently using the Mini Logo 58mm 97a Rat Bones II shaped wheels.
    I also have the Powell Peralta 54mm 97a Ripper wheels as well. 
    Both wheels use the same exact Skate One urethane formula.
    I returned 2 sets of unopened wheels to Skate One for these new wheels and I am more than satisfied.
    Both of these wheels are a huge improvement in skating the dusty, slippery bowls I skate weekly.
    I can still get a little slip out of them when I want it, but no unexpected slide outs on the slick hips anymore.
    I wouldn't go under a 97a in a wooden bowl as it just might be a bit to slow for me.
    These new wheels are still fast and well basically feel like you're riding a wheel like we used to ride in the 80's, only thinner and lighter.
    Next time I get wheels I might bump up to the Powell Peralta 60mm 97a Rat Bones II wheels, that'd prob be the only change for me.
    I'm happy to FINALLY end my wheel hunt. 
    Hope my research and testing helps someone out there.
    Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays to all. : )
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    On a whim I bought a set of the Type-S Hosoi 60mm 98a wheels. 
    I like em, but I don't love them the way I do the Powell/Mini Logo formula urethane 97a's.

    I've only used them 2 sessions and I'm slippin and sliding all over again. Not as bad as SPF's, but enough to make me hesitate going as fast as I usually do around the corners and hips at the bowl which is usually un-hesitant.
    The Type-S wheels are the same shape as Powell/Bones Rat Bones II wheel shape. 60mmx34mm

  • Make sure that ramp isn't too dusty.   And that you don't have dust build-up on your wheels.  That shit'll make skating a slip-slide nightmare.  I like SPF's on a good, clean ramp. 

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    We thoroughly sweep it every sesh and I clean off my wheels prob every 3rd drop in. We have a carpet on the wall and I also scrap em my wheels on the bare plywood wall as well.
    It's a converted warehouse, no matter what the dust is in the air. 
    I blow snots out of my nose for at least the next 12 hours after I leave. 
    I've also come to find that because there are so many bikes at indoor parks the rubber from bike tires makes alot of wheel gunk that get's built up on harder skate wheels. I have more buildup on harder wheels like 98-SPF's.
    97a and under attract less buildup.
  • Carpet on the wall for a cleaner- great idea!  I'll have to snag a scrap and get to work.  Thanks for the idea!
  • No prob, it does help. In a busy park they don't last forever, but it will work. 
    The one I replaced 2 months ago is already pretty dirty. They are a few dollars at cheap local retail type stores. 
    Last one I bought was on sale for $1.50!
    As long as it's about 2 ft long it works. : )
  • low pile stuff as well ey

    or those carpet squares you can get
  • Anything carpet really, as long as it's a little abrasive and not too fluffy. 
    Industrial carpet, the tight knit kind prob best. Or a floor mat maybe?
    Ya wanna brush those wheels like teeth! =D
  • i just use water to clean them
  • During a sesh is what I mean. As in every few runs.
  • Gee whiz, you take your skating seriously. I would be hard up to clean my wheels once a month lol
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    You've never skated Skater's Edge in Taunton w/ wheels like SPF's and STF's I guess. : P After rolling 10ft on the ground in the street course there's no wheel to ground contact, all crud. And a few runs on the masonite in the bowls and you're sliding on crap as well. No matter how much you sweep before a sesh it's built into some places. I am blowing dirt and dust out of my nose the whole night and the next day as well. The wall rug just takes the shit off so you can have a little urethane contact back.
  • lol that sounds dirty as dude
  • I just set up a new pair of DTF with Bones Swiss- a damn fine set up!
  • I've read mixed reviews on the DTF's on masonite, how are they?
  • I've had two short sessions on 'em and I'm really liking 'em.  I haven't felt 'em slide out from under me.  And I found 'em fast.  I have another set of DTF's that have quite a bit more wear on 'em (and not as good bearings), and found  those a bit slower.  I was wondering if I would have to scuff up the wheels before riding 'em on masonite, but found them to feel really good right out of the packaging.  I didn't scuff 'em, I just set 'em up and  rode 'em.  They feel great.  Get some and try 'em, I think  you'll like 'em. 

  • Thanks man, I will def have to try some out.
  • Duder, you tried 'em yet?  I'm several sessions deep on my DTF's on masonite, have not cleaned 'em off, and they are still fast grippy.  Awesome!  They will slide, but I do have to put a little more effort into the slide to make it work.  I do sweep the bowl before it gets skated, but brooms only catch so much dust and dirt. 

    I think you'll like 'em.

  • No I haven't man. I been going back n forth between a few different wheels a friend gave me to try.
    I tend to like smaller wheels as I skated alot in the 90's and smaller wheels feel like home to me and I can get accelerated fast enough w/ say a 52 same as I can say a 58 the same. I just borrowed some Satori ReLife Recycled wheels and they feel pretty darn grippy, but still hard and fast and flatspot resistant too at 99a. Kinda feel like a good well worn Spitfire without treads and with more reboundyness liek say a Bones wheel has, but not soft, hard. Also have a set of Satori 98a's he sent me to borrow too. I will let you know how grippy vs speed they all are. I been skating worn in STF's on masonite lately and it's been working, it can feel a little sketchy and scary but then again, it's skateboarding. =) About 30% faster than the 97a Powell Rippers I was using too. Those wheels are grippy as fuck, but very slow on masonite and street. The other Skate One 97a bigger wheels are faster and a better shape. (Mini Logo 58mm/Powell Rat Bones II 60mm)
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