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started skating again 4yrs ago after 20yrs off the board has anyone  experienced this -the big decks and big wheels seemed so slow i ride 54-56-58-mm wheels and i am a convert ! and 8.75x32 decks !


  • any female skaters over forty skating ? i live in kc mo
  • we used to have a old school girl skater here on the forum no clue what happened to her though
  • im an old school gerl
  • Britt,

    The 8.75x32 deck that you are referring to has to be the Rodriquez Now.  That is my favorite shape hands down.  It is great for street and excellent at parks.  Put some 55mm STF Bones Standards on it.
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    Hey Britt, good to see another 'geezer' here lol. I started skating in '75 and got my first 'real' setup in '77. A G&S deck (the model Stacy rode)  with Bennet trucks and Krypto blues (65mm IIRC), then a Beamer with Indy 109's and the original Bones Cubics (64x 64).

     I can definitely confirm what you are saying about the old school wheels being slow as molasses, haha. The only old-school wheels that came close to being as fast as modern wheels in my opinion where Gyros. Do you remember those? They had an aluminum core, and the urethane was quality, not as good as today's formulas though.

    I'm currently riding one set of Bones 58mm SPF's (Millars), and a set of PP 60mm Bowlriders (PF), the PF's seem just a tad softer than the SPF's but one thing is for sure, they are both killer fast!

  • never purchased the gyros was bones cubic tracker guy  from 70  s to 92 after the beamer broke ray bones snub nose and ray bones yellow ! only !!!
  • 1974 gt spoiler  -2 then gt blue coyote then the beamer !
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