Old and new pics.

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I was playing around earlier, looking through some old skate related pics...and decided to recreate one.  I'm going to try to recreate some action shots when I get time....I'm a sucker for stuff like this.  I figured maybe it would be fun.  So go through your old pics, try to recreate them today and see how they come out.



  • Sadly I'm still built the same.  
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    It's in pretty good knick still and u still got that look "awesome, can't believe this shit is mine" :)
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    lol Chris.. thats killer

    you still an fuglay mofo tho ey  :p

    my question is where is the lance on the left these days
  • You look way happier the first go 'round.  Cheer up, that's an awesome board!
  • Yea Doc....I've never been accused of being the prettiest man on the planet. lol

    The original Lance was trashed back in the mid 80s, finally snapped it in half trying to ollie onto a loading dock.  It was sick high, landed on the edge of the dock, right below the top truck....did a split on the dock as the front part of the board made it and the bottom ended up on the ground.  Broke my heart.  It was my first good board, it replaced my NASH Executioner back in '85.  I found the one on the right on eBay a few years back...have NO intentions of riding it.  

  • I snapped a Hosoi kinda trying the same thing, cept I was doing an acid drop of something just as high. We went onto drop too much of that later in life as well lol

    Was it bonite by any chance?
  • Yes it was, XT all the way.  I replaced it with a Lance mini XT....hated it, broke my collar bone and separated my shoulder on it.  Went back to full size.  
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    bonite reminds me of the same kinda shit james hardie will forever be in trouble for
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