whats this bonite jazz?

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Hello there fellow skate homies,

Can anyone tell me what bonite is made from? From the research I've done I've come across a few different answers, all of which say it's weak as shit, but the actual composition is varied in the explanations. As I was only a young fella during the 80s I basically had no idea what the go is with these boards, only thing I know is my second deck was a light blue McGill snakeskin, which sadly snapped about a month ago when my idiot brother ollied off a set of 4 steps and it broke just in front of the rear truck :( can't be too upset, it was a hand me down of his and he hurt himself in the process lol

Secondly, as a collector would you be leaning away from these OG decks, and are they the ones you see listed as XT?

Main use for me is as a display but I do set most up that I buy and ride infrequently (only coz boards are made to be ridden).

Merry Christmas yall, hope it's a nice relaxing time with your loved ones and if you're an aussie get a chance to tape up a tenno, and take a hattrick against your family and friends :)


  • I always thought it was thick poster board.  At least that's what it looked like....and it had the same water absorbing properties.
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    it was sheets of  fiberglass/tar paper

    here is the ad they ran i dont know who's idea it was to run black text on a gray/black ad but hope they got fired at some point

  • hahaha, "beyond strong"...
  • Yea....I'm still pretty sure it was just construction paper.
  • yeah, it might have been alright if all you did was ride vert in southern california
  • They were hard to break, unless you split them down the middle.  They were flat as a board though, and fell apart if you go them wet.
  • Bontie = roofer tar paper
    My Per Welinder  was made of that.
  • Most of my Powell Peralta decks were bonite. I had a Cab with the bats split in half from the nose to the rear trucks length wise. Sent it back to the factory and they shipped me a new one.

  • My first real deck was a bonite Cab bat and dragons.  Looking at that ad I didn't know the bonite decks weren't all maple.  Truth be told that deck held up a hell of a lot better than the Santa Cruz Jason Jesse I got after it.
  • There were 2 different versions there was white and black. The white was actually not bad if I remember correctly but the black was the one that absorbed water and made the deck heavier and crappy.
  • There was a white style?  I only remember the XT black bonite.
  • Good ol bonite.. as useful as a pre order
  • I had a couple of these decks, they were stonger, but if it got wet it was all over. Not the right deck to skate around Michigan with :(
  • Yea it was basically tar paper, my cab was made from it, i jumped in the pool and it ended up pealing apart a little. we had water in our pools.
  • I had a boneite LMFP and I bailed on a launch ramp trick, the nose hit the ground and broke completely off. I could still skate the deck, it just didn't have a nose.
  • Rhinoplasty disaster SK8ER! :#
  • I had a Boneite XL McGill back in the day-- good board, never separated even though I used to store it all day in some bushes by the bus stop, so it got rained on from time to time. The actual material did seem like tar-paper; that's what I heard it was, anyway. I wasn't doing any tricks that would have stressed it much back then.
  • Yea, it was basically a sponge. I snapped my first lmfp right at the back truck. I had a mini lmfp xt after that. Skating in the keys I ate shit and my board went into the water, paid a diver $5 to go get it. I was worried about the bearings and the salt water, I should have been worried about the deck. Thing swelled up in matter of hours.
  • Roofing paper. Bonite is roofing paper. Worst product PP ever made. I stopped buying their decks until the XT stuff came out.
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