Does the Powell Peralta team really ride the 8.5x33.5 decks?



  • I agree Chris, but I like the k15 and the American made/wood, which is becoming harder and harder to find.
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    American wood..becoming harder and harder. That's almost a penis joke
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    1/2" longer or shorter WB makes a noticeable difference for sure and width wise 1/4" does too.

    As far as the "American Wood" thing - 
    The new Mini Logo's are all still North American Maple, same wood dude.
    Everything is the same, wood and molds and shapes...but the guys making the decks are now on another continent.
    That's it.  
    That and the paint and SST coating is all in one now and is now opaque instead of the translucent colors they were doing up till last spring when the decks were all made in Santa Barbara. 
    When the boards ship back into Santa Barbara they are all tested and examined extensively before they are released to the public for sale.
    One things for sure, you are not going to get a better Chinese pressed North American hard rock Maple deck out there.
    Specially for $30. : )

    The new Mini Logo Militant decks are rad, just got one. They also now have an Orange Center ply! Coolness!

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