Does the Powell Peralta team really ride the 8.5x33.5 decks?



  • And being able to choose your own graphic from the start of the company till now would be a kick ass idea! I'd spend a lil' more for that option cause mine would be the Bartie skull deck till my death bed lol!
    Man i sooooo hope they would see this!
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    I gotta say that after hearing all the shit about the Bones Brigade products the last few weeks I'm really turned off of anything Skate One right now.
  • there really should be a second shape in 8.5" - especially with so many kids riding that size now.
    knock 3/4" - 1" off the length, and I'm in. 33.5" is way too long.
  • Exactly Bob, I feel the same way. If they were somewhere around 32.5" it'd be about perfect! Would also like to see a 8.75"-9" Mini Logo deck w/ the 15"wb.
  • That's my biggest problem with the 8.5, too long.  Many other companies are making 8.5-8.6 decks in the 31" to 32" range.  
  • There are so many choices but yet I still have such a hard time finding the right deck.
    They are either too long or the wheelbase is too short. 
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    Got an email reply back from Skate One saying that "Not sure on the guys’ shapes, but I know a lot of them get custom sizes to ride.  Will ask them about a possible blog on what they all ride". 

    If you go here we can see that their has been a few other 8.25, 8.375 & 8.5 shapes in shorter than 33.5", but w/ the Ki11 concave not the deeper K15 concave of the current 8.5" decks Skate One offers. 

    With board shapes on the rise I have a hunching suspicion we might see some more bigger shaped popsicles from Skate One in the near future. Let's hope. I'd love to see an 8.75"-9" Mini Logo. I'd buy stock!

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    From Chad Bartie's Facebook today. We can clearly see they are custom sized 8.5's w/ the smaller heat transfers applied and batch numbers. Is it to much to ask that we should be able to buy the actual pro's models? I love skate one wood, my fav in the world. I just want what a lot of us want, a shorter 8.5" deck. Keep the 8.5x33.5 shape 181 in the line up, but give us shorter too, like the 8.25's are. Pleaaaaase! 
  • all the decks I seen at Bowlarama werent standard sizes.. Pedros was massive, same with Cabs
  • True that buddy. Cab's deck is a great shape, actually one of my fav decks I've ever had, if not my all time fav. Cab told me on FB they just might be coming out with a new graphic for that deck this year too.   
  • Simply its the same for most things.. the larger they are, the more docile they are & easier to use

    Plus after seeing the amount of custom decks the guys had for sale in the vault, it makes sense.

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    Yeah, that's kinda true Dr, but I haven't had that much luck with bigger boards, even though they actually feel better under my feet. I've skated just about every possible size deck in length, width and WB throughout my life and I find the longer length and WB to be a hit or miss on the smaller vs larger ramps, bowls etc. Larger deck width wise though I find there is just less foot movement after rough coping/curb grinds due to more griptape under yer feets. For me a shorter wheelbase on mini ramps around 4 and 5 feet I tend to be able to maneuver better with and quicker rotation time with lip tricks and tricks were I gotta pop and stuff like that. It's weird, I like the feel of bigger boards but skate better with smaller boards. Back in the late 90's right before I stopped for a decade my normal deck 98% of the time was 7.75"x31.75", and I mostly skated mini ramps and street courses more than actual "street" street. Since I came back on board full time I've bounced back n forth between a Cab Hot Rod that's 9.16x32.68 15.5" WB and popsicles between 8' and 8.5" 14.25-15"WB. The Cab skates obviously better on the tranny stuff that's 7 and 8ft and higher where I'm not popping and doing much and the popsicle setups skate easiest on everything else. This is why I'm always looking for a great middle all around setup that I can skate everything with. The Skate One shape 181 8.5" feels the best to me as a whole, but feels too long at the same time for anything outside of larger tranny. The 8.25" is as close to the "one" as I can find so far. My stubborn dedication and alliance to Skate One products prevents me from going elsewhere where I know there are plenty of 8.5" 32-32.5" 14.375-14.5"WB decks, they are everywhere today. But I want some Skate One wood dammit! That K15 concave is my glue. I've just been asking all along if these custom 8.5" decks that the Powell street pros get to ride then why can't we have them available for retail too when so many riders out there today are skating wider decks on street as well and there is def a market for it. I just want to always stay loyal to Skate One while fulfilling my skate needs under my feet, that's all. Same goes for wheels. I have been having a wicked awful time battling between wheels as well. Another story, another time...
  • My current and favorite setup is the 8.25" Powell Peralta, 55mm Bones STF Standard wheels, Indy 149's with Bones Hard Bushings.   I love this setup on all terrains.  

    I've ridden just about every size deck, wheelbase, etc... I'm sticking with the above setup, I think the Ligament actually works, I wish they would shorten the 8.5" deck and give it some Ligament.
  • i like to be able to get cab's current shape with the ban this dragon on it... or any graphic for that matter. pro models used to be just that.. a pro's model, shape and all.
  • Jono Id say though that the custom large deck would be for ramps or pools only.. street bashing is a different kettle of fish

    PP.. imo just cut one up to suit yourself.. everyone has different stances & wants
  • image here is a close up of mcgill's shape
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    There you go .. look how much nose he likes & how much grip & grab stuff there is all over it.. its a boat compared to what the run of the mill stuff is

    You build it to suit yourself, custom shit is the key
  • Yes, your right DR, you do build to suit yourself and customize yer shit, but someone like McGill is lucky enough to have Skate One do it for him, w/ their wood, shape designers and stuff like that.  : P 
    He above most anybody def deserves the ability to get what he wants in any shape he wants and needs.
    Wish they would just give him an "official" vert/pool deck and actually acknowledge that he is sponsored by Powell Peralta again. 
    I think those decks would sell really well, specially to us older dudes that skate bowls and stuff. 
    Skull & Snake graphics on 7.6 decks is weird, I can't imagine many young dudes have any idea who he is and why that graphic is legendary anyways. But then again their dad's prob do. I think I just answered my own criticism there. : P

    SK8ER that's a great setup man for sure. Not to far off from myself, only I use Powell 54mm 97a Rippers (for the dusty masonite) and use Bones Meds. in my Indy 149's. I also hear ya on the Ligament for sure. It does add pop, but I notice the deck creaks more from day one to the end of the boards life. I imagine this is just the plastic ligaments in there flexing with the wood plies. 
    I might cut up the deck when it's broken and try to un-ply it apart to see just what they look like in there. Be interesting.

    PPK187 not sure what graphic it will be but I'm pretty sure there will be a new Cab graphic available by summer on his current shape.
    (Cab hinted this to me on FB after I asked him if we would see a new graphic on the shape #190 vert/pool deck, Kam said prob gunna happen too in an email). So stay tuned for that one!  : )
  • id definitely like to see those ligament straps myself  so yes please unply so we can see
  • Johnophean, please cut up your deck and post some pics.  Would be cool to see.

    I too wish they would make McGill part of Powell Peralta's Pro Team again.  
  • Hell yea I'm in for seeing a few pics too johno
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    Jono I think they would sell like hotcakes as well, just everyone has different requirements, feet size's, leg lengths, arm lengths etc etc.. your better to take a jigsaw to something & hack it up to suit. Maybe finish the edges off n all that so it doesnt look like a shop shop job.
    I really wished I had the mindset I have now about it all, when I was a kid.. I probably wouldnt have eatn as much wood & concrete I did back as a young fella lol
  • When is PP going to release the Chin Mask 8.5, in fact I would be happy if they released any 8.5 decks.  These BB reissues are taking up too much production time.
  • Yes, I wish it was slightly shorter though. Not sure why an extra inch or so makes such a big difference, length wise, but 33+ seems huge.

    (Insert penis joke here)
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