Here's video of the board flex

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Here is my wet noodle Mullen flexing.  Not sure if the video captures it or not.  For comparison's sake, I did the same thing on a 8" mini logo.  I'm 6'2", 185.

My sock kind of hides the tail flex; that was tough to capture.  The middle flex compared to the mini logo (which doesn't flex at all) is the most telling.



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    terrible looks like how plastic would bend gotta be chinese or mexican wood because that surely isnt powell quality wood
  • Bad flex, especially for a freestyle deck.
  • How do the other decks compare to the originals?
  • Yeah, it kind of feels like a plastic banana board.  Which would be great, if I wanted a plastic banana board.
  • That's terrible, did they honestly think they could get away with this without people noticing? Far out what a shambles
  • I think it's bullshit because they had to notice this. No way this wasn't talked about. And I guess the thought was "fuck it, we got preorders in the bank". This whole thing is a real slap in the face.

    Sure. The reissues were never much like the originals. But at least it was a proper skateboard that you could ride. This is a fairly expensive prop.
  • shit, bonite would of been better from the sounds of it

  • These things are hangers only imo

    Still cool they now exist tho

    Sounds like Darth Vader in that video trying boards out! That or someone needs to stop smoking.
  • Yeah, turn the volume up. There are some Halloween decorations stored in that part of the basement that are activated by sound. It's screaming 'help me'.

    Or it's the gimp we keep locked up.
  • luke do not break me
  • That sucks. I was going to skate my Guerrero but. I'm not now..what a bunch of garbage. I feel raped.
  • Chinese New Years: The Year of the Cheap Wood
  •  The Mullen may be tad bit thinner than the original but the other spoon nose are about the same as their originals.

    From the video, the flex does not appear to be excessive.

    I know that over the years our customers have demanded thinner and thinner boards. Thinner = lighter, the unfortunate downside is that stiffness is STRONGLY related to thickness.

    It may be that due the extreme flatness of this spoon nose concave, they just seem to be more bendy than before. Or, it may be that they are a bit thinner and are more flexible.

    The wood is a better laminate than we were making back in the day.

  • Is this the official answer?  People wanted a lighter deck so thinner wood is used?  Sounds a lot like "G&S truck bases".  Sure, they break all the time....but they are lighter.
  • Forgetting all that for a second.  Does lighter/thinner also mean weaker?  What about pop?  I can accept everything as long as it is strong enough to thrash....and it doesn't sacrifice pop.
  • Flat board - more flex. It's silly to compare a Mullen freestyle deck to any contemporary concave board.

    Hey Animal Chin, how are you, holidays treat you well? Awesome, so yeah............. When will that order placed on October 9 for a LM, TG, and DVD ship to the east coast?
  • Is it silly to compare a Mullen to a Harris reissue that doesn't flex?
  • the warranty still applies to all our decks, so they should still withstand the same abuse, and the pop should be the same as our other freestyle deck.  Not sure on the comparison with the Mullen on flex, but will have our R&D check it.  if it has a longer wheelbase it may be more flexi.  All the Reissue decks are being mfg in our US factory in SB with the same wood.

    Sorry for the delay on the shipments guys, I am trying to catch up and should be within a week or so.  Thanks for your patience and understanding.  Will check your order BENB and try to keep up with all your questions. 

    Skate on!!
  • CWALKER. Nope, not at all. That seems like an equal comparison.

    Animal Chin, thanks for checking on the order.
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    OK. So I'm setting up my Guerrero and the first test is a boneless to tail in a 4ft pool at my local park. My hosoi made in Mexico can withstand that abuse 1000x so this should be no problem.
  • Is I set up my future primitive. Honestly its an insult this board is in my house. Its a pile of junk and a waste of money. Flexes and cracks like a soggy sock. All the hype then headache on this and this is what you send. I honestly think wal mart boards are made with better quality than these reissues. Kam after this headache I can honestly say I will never buy a new powell product again. I am insulted in the way all this was handled by powell. There are people who do not have not recieved their paid copy of the movie and you already sold out to netflix. My wife went through a headache through topspin on this pre order of a limited run of 10,000 boards each only to recieve this pile of junk. You guys should send an appology to everyone who backed you and got ripped off. Very sad
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