Here's video of the board flex



  • I estimate we will get them in Feb
  • I think mine comes tomorrow
  • CUJO613 said:

    "Is I set up my future primitive. Honestly its an insult this board is in my house. Its a pile of junk and a waste of money. Flexes and cracks like a soggy sock. All the hype then headache on this and this is what you send. I honestly think wal mart boards are made with better quality than these reissues. Kam after this headache I can honestly say I will never buy a new powell product again. I am insulted in the way all this was handled by powell. There are people who do not have not recieved their paid copy of the movie and you already sold out to netflix. My wife went through a headache through topspin on this pre order of a limited run of 10,000 boards each only to recieve this pile of junk. You guys should send an appology to everyone who backed you and got ripped off. Very sad"

    That's not a great review at all.  I'm going to be super unhappy if my Mountain's end up like this.  I've ridden the grey Mountain reissue, and it was a typical stiff Powell deck.
  • Sadly it is not. I had some friends over and it was the joke of the evening. Standing on the mountain then on some other boards. The mountain flexed more that a natas with 2 top ply cracks.
  • I dunno what's sadder - the poor quality of these re-issue boards or that alot of you guys still want them anyways. Come on fellas, there are starving children in this world, spend your $$ on something meaningful and worth it. It's also good for the soul!
  • Who says I don't do that too Johnophean?
  • Is that a serious comment? 
  • charity starts at home
  • on doc
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    flat but functional.  like 1987.  but i do wish it had the post-boneite Spoon Nose concave like the original 7-ply. it's still fun.

    thanks Kam!
  • yeah frontside grinds
  • Does your mountain only have front wheel wells? Mine only has front ones, no rear wheel wells
  • I was 100% serious.
  • The OG mountain only had front wheel wells due to the narrowing shape of the deck I assume.
  • Thanks dude...again!
  • I got a new pink Mountain and blue Hawk.  The wood is noticeably thicker - even to the eye - and the concave is the same.  The wood is tried and true like other Powell reissue's from over the years.  

    There is zero board flex.
  • live in the now !
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    That still disappoints me though, I wish my green one was like that. But awesome to hear that if I do decide to get any of the next color set that it's legit and not just a piece of art
  • Just wanted to say. .I set up my guerrero (black dip) took it to the park, skated it hard, no flex. Maybee I got lucky?
  • Didn't they start making them sturdier about half way through the first color run?
  • WHAT FLEX ? IT WAS QUICK !! P2 RULES !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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