Youth Brigade song/Tony Hawk sequence on which vid?

Greetings all. Doing a bit of searching before spending. Which of the PP (early) vids was it that had Hawk skating to the Youth Brigade "Did you want to die?" song. Wish to use for a class this fall and am not sure that I can talk the beloved into letting me get the whole re-issue 6pack.

Thanks in advance,
Bill Maury-Holmes


  • wow thats a good one. the only people that would know that would be Stacy or Dennis Dragon. we do not have the sound tracks on hand so its hard to give a correct answer. sorry man.
  • Not that tough. it is in Bones Brigade Video show and its the Upland Turkey shoot sequence with lance Mountain. The better question would be-where in the world could you find "the Nudes-Mystery" also from BBVS.
  • Sorry, Its the Del Mar Contest, but still in Bones Brigade Video Show.
  • Correct. Vid #1, the first. Bones Brigade Video show Del Mar Tony Hawk scene. That scene is what got me listening to punk rock back in '84 at the tender age of 11.
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