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Who has skated the ATF's?  I currently ride the 55mm Standard STF's and I like how they perform, with the exception being rough/asphalt/broken surfaces, which are all around my house.  Can you powerslide the ATF's? Are they too bouncy to pop a good ollie?

Any info would be appreciated.


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    atfs are meant for cruising atfs are 80a duro so if u powerslide ur coming home with 3 and a half wheels
  • Great soft wheel, but not meant for sliding. You have to push too hard, it doesn't slide, and there have been reports of the wheels coming off the cores.
  • I'd say you would prob like the DTF wheels. They come in 56mm, 1 mm up from your wheels, and they are 95a, but they are the urethane formula used in the STF/SPF's. That type wheel should roll great for you and still give you some slide.
    If you want a little bit harder wheel than that, but with a little more give than the STF's try the Powell Peralta Rippers 54mm 97a.

  • I agree, if you are looking for a little softer wheel (than a STF) and want to slide, DTF is probably what your looking for.  ATF's ride great, but don't really slide. 
  • DTF's are awesome, but you have to dig around to find them.  Great wheel for a beat up ditch.  I wish they made slimmer shapes though.
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