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There has been alot of talk on the quality of the new 2012 bones brigade Re issues having major flex and being weak. If you have skated one "hard" at a park. Please give feedback here. Thanks!!!!


  • Nick, honest, it would be suicide to skate the two I've been sent on a curb, let alone a park.  I'm not being dramatic or over reacting - it would be straight up stupid to do anything but roll on these.

    Seriously - have you ever ollied on a plastic banana board?  If you like how that feels, these decks are for you.

    Maybe others have different quality, but this is my experience.
  • I know...I saw the video. Its really disturbing..makes me angry actually and I feel taken advantage of. Mine appear to be solid I have to say..but I didn't mount trucks to them either and if I grip that Guerrero and I can't skate it..I just wasted $100.00 you better f@#$n believe every one including Stacey and George will be getting an email from me.
  • I have preorders still open for the Mountain and Guerrero.  So on the one hand, I'm the dumbass and I should probably cancel.  I guess I'm hoping I'll get a better batch.

    This Hawk and Mullen though are too flexy.  
  • Gotta be honest mine look really solid. Now..I haven't bolted trucks on them which is key. But I just stood on the Guerrero and put alot of pressure on it on both sides and it looks and feels like any other board I've ordered from skateone. But I've watched 2 different videos now and its really upsetting..unfortunatly.
  • And hoping for a better batch is UN acceptable I would send them back and demand skateable replacements.
  • SEND THEM BACK! Nick is right!
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    Send them back?
    Out of stock.
  • I wouldnt skate the one I have. Total pile of junk. I think I could seriously either brake thise board in 5 minutes or it would bounce me off and break me. its pretty much as flexy as a diving board. seriously lame
  • The messed up thing about all this is that the hallmark of Powell boards is that they are thick and super stiff, hell that is what puts some people off them.  For these reissues to be flexy and weak is really fucked up.
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  • Nice benb!!!
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    I took my mountain for a light skate the other day. For starters every time I stood on the board or moved the trucks it creaked. Every time I pushed off it felt like I was bouncing up and down and at one point I had the tail on the ground, pushed on the nose and the thing flexed almost straight. Feels like if I was a few pounds heavier it would crack in two. It's a shame because the deck looks absolutely gorgeous and will look great sitting in my room, but I bought it to shred and it's not up for it. Maybe mine is weaker than benb's..I dunno?? I'm a sucker, I'm thinking of getting another to see if the quality is the same
  • ^^nope, same thing.  just doesn't matter - skate it and don't over analyze it. :)
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    For the record - I have a few Santa Cruz reissues and they flex exactly the same way.  It's just that PP wood has always been strong and stiff.
  • Think your right cwalker3.
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