• I haven't built it yet...just set the parts on the deck to see if I like it....give me your opinions guys...
  • And....those are mini ribs on there which just fit between the wheel Wells. this board actually a mini?
  • Looks good, I'm going red for the plastic on mine with yellow Santa Cruz wheels..when it arrives. What color grip tape Nick?
  • I would just do trucks and wheels. That has to be a mini, looks like it's about 9.6" wide and 29" long.
  • Dude.....thankfully I didn't grip it. It has old school truck bolt patterns??? Seriously??? Which on one hand is totally legit. But..I'm not putting gullwings on it. Its gotta have indys. I'm not buying new trucks. Damnit..... Oh well.
  • You can buy Indy baseplates that have six holes to fit New Skool or Old Skool.  NHS has them.
  • Nick, I got 6 hole Indy plates from for $8 a piece.  The bonus is that they are super light forged baseplates.
  • Sweet. Thanks guys. ;)
  • Also, as a side note, I've ordered the new Stage 11's in 159 and 169, and both sets came with 6 hole plates.
  • I would not put the nose and tail guards on that. Just the rails. But that is just me. And if you skate it let us know how it holds up.

  • If my Mountain ever arrives, I pray that it's stiffer than my Hawk.  And I'm going full plastics on it just for old times sake - and I never do that.  Pink all around.

    Nick, what size was the tail bone on your grey reissue?
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    Almost positive its 8.0 inch for the Lane Mountain FP. I don't belive its the 8.75. That one is a little too wide its better suited for the barbee ragdoll for example. That board has a really wide tail.
  • And... I love full plastics all around. Its not an 80s complete without.. Thats just my humble opinion. I don't do it to protect anything really I just love they way it looks. ;-)
  • I hear ya Nick, love full plastics on 80s boards, thats what I'm doing with mine
  • Thanks!  8" is what I got from SNB, just wanted to corroborate before I dropped 20 bucks on one.  Trying to get everything ready for when the deck ships in September.
  • hanging on your verdict Nick, i was lookin to get a Guerrero till i heard about quality issues... when's the test run go down?
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    rails & tail bone fo sho

    nose bones are for pig riders
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