new balance skate shoes


  • New kicks bill? I like the blue/green pair
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    na new balance is getting into the skate shoe market i wouldnt wear anything that is not for skating
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    Looks like they are merging Nike/Adidas shoe designs.

  • Those are turrahbull!
  • No thanks.  Don't do it.
  • old people wear new balance in missouri w overalls and cowboy hats !
  • Lol..down here the only people who wear em are fitness fanatics who can't afford reeboks
  • Yea, the only people I see wearing NB are joggers and Lars Ulrich......and like most things, I find playing drums is better in Chucks too.
  • the first ones are kind of like the geoff rowley 1s and the old skools
  • I honestly could never figure out why skate shoes became below the ankle, low tops, almost exclusively. Maybe it's because I always wore ankle supporting foot ware. I'm always in Chucks, combat boots, Airwalk highs, or work boots, has been that way since the early 80s. I just never felt comfortable in low tops.
  • I hear that, Chris.  I liked when mid-tops were the "in" thing (what, last year?), it was easy to find higher shoes.  I don't like skating in lows, but have been lately.  I'm wanting to get some Half-Cabs again. 
  • supra makes alot of mid-tops along with osiris
  • very 80s gay..

    I likem lol
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