Mountain bones brigade reissue

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Does anyone else's future primitive only have front wheel wells

It looks sort of like the last pic shows one but that's just the print


  • I'm not complaining by the way, just curious if mine's the same as everyone else
  • The OG mountain only had front wheel wells due to the narrowing shape of the deck I assume.
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    Cool thanks

    Here's a pic that shows the size comparison to the flaming dagger
  • ..and here's a pic of it laid out how I'm going to set it up, minus the blue nose bone
  • The flaming dagger looks too small, must be the mini.
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    it's not a mini.  same size as the original.  boards used to be shorter.
  • I remember the mountain having one of the larger noses...every other deck seemed to have like a 1" nose back then.  But that looks drastically taller.  I don't remember there being THAT much of a difference in sizes, usually less than an inch difference, unless it was a mini.  But that was a lot of drugs ago, so my memory is best.
  • Slippery - what size trucks are those?
  • Indy 169s with the six hole baseplate
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    I remember having a TG and a LMFP and the difference in size was maybe an inch at the most, from the pictures Slippery posted it looks like there is a 2 to 3 inch difference in length.
  • I really hate to pile on, and I especially hate to sound like I'm ungrateful.  So please, let me preface these comments with a thank you.  Thank you to George Powell, Stacy Peralta, the BB boys, and everybody involved to get these remakes to us fans.  I really do appreciate them, regardless.

    Now then, as far as the Mountain goes, the first re-issue was MUCH better.  I haven't mounted this one, I just got it, but just standing on it on a carpeted floor, it feels like I would snap it in half skating it.  I have it side by side with my 1985 XT full size Mountain, and (granted it is XT) but the older one feels 10x stronger.  It feels like I could mount it and shred it all day long if I wanted to.  The new one just feels flimsy, I think it could be skated, but I don't think it would last very long.  As far as the shape goes....and my first one was an 85 with no wells, so maybe the shape changed.  But the shape is different.  The new one is longer, has a longer and fatter nose...less concave obviously, but just generally larger.

    I like the new graphic process though, you can tell it's a film...but it has a feel and look that is much closer to the original screened decks.  That first gray Mountain reissue was horrible, graphic wise.  The deck was solid, but it was like a solid deck with a giant sticker on it.  This at least gives the impression that it was screened.

    Having said that, I am happy with my purchase....but I will be MUCH happier if it's released in more colorways.  I'm holding out hope that new colors will come out, and I will mount and ride this.  
  • It does feel flimsy, just standing on it on carpet I felt a lot of flex to the point I'm too scared to skate it
  • So they have LESS concave then the originals?
  • I personally never rode any pre-85 mountains with the wheel wells, so I really can't compare. But my 85 XL has more concave.
  • When did yours arrive Chris?

    Im still waitn
  • I got mine on Tuesday, I'm in south Florida and ordered it the day the pre-order started.
  • Damn, I'm in Texas & still waiting!!!
  • Finally got mine, set it all up with plastics.  It's pretty freaking sweet looking.  All 7 of the decks I ordered were flawless with the exception of being extra flexible - good paint, no imperfections of any kind.  Was hoping the second part of my order would be a little stiffer - specifically the Mountains - but they weren't.  

    One thing that's odd - the wood was hard as hell to drill through.  Very hard wood, but still more bendy than usual.

    I could see this being OK to goof around on, but quality is not up to par with similar reissues from Powell.
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  • That my friend is bitchin!!! Nice work brotha....time to break it in.... ( not literally )
  • That's awesome, the rat nuts and clear grip really set it off.
  • Thanks!  Yeah, I bought the clear to cover the whole thing, but I couldn't bear to cover the dragon, even with clear grip.
  • That looks awesome!
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