Im glad im not the only one.

I havent been to this forum in 4 years, but with my revent experience with this bones brigade horseshit i thought i would check in. The whole thing is/was a joke from the delay in shipping to the film on netflix before we received the bluray to the quality of the decks to the decks being sold now cheaper than when we purchased them at pre-order. I read below where a poster said it best...."what a slap in the fucking face to the most loyal fans who have been supportive for DECADES. Fucking bullshit this whole fiasco has been. And why the fuck did stacy put fred durst in the gd film? Peace out powell


  • from what i read fred was a silent producer and the contract said he has to appear in the film could be wrong because it is the internet but who knows
  • from what i understand powell is a fucking total sellout peddling chinese crap or really not giving a shit about who supported and basically just cashed in on us. personally im here to piss on em till they throw me out of here
  • Honestly, what is that going to accomplish?  You will really just end up trashing the forums for the rest of us, and in the end your account and all posts will be deleted anyway, so it will all be for not.

    Your best bet would be to voice your concerns directly to SOC via e-mail, or phone.  

  • Hey it looks like Mike V was right after all. I think he said when he quit Powell (again)  that he felt used and that they didnt give a rip but were just hoping to cash in on the old names. He took a bit of criticism for those comments at the time but he is looking pretty good right now!
  • Good point.  
  • I know I'll always look at these decks and think to myself these look great but they're not real skateboards if I can't thrash them
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    That kind of bugs me, nothing personal Slippery, but any skateboard deck hanging on a wall in pristine condition and guarded like the Mona Lisa isn't a real skateboard in my opinion. And I say that having a wall of mint originals - I sometimes look at them and feel guilty, that they should be skated - eventually, maybe they will. No offense or anything to you but the reissues are absolutely skate able.
  • Don't let an obstacle in your mind stop your skating the re-issues.
  • I go back and forth on this myself. I originally order the mountain to skate, I have an xt, red and black mountain that I will only skate of they ever reissue that color. So I wanted to skate the new mountain, but all the talk about flex then seeing it myself, really scared me. Ignoring the flex issue and just assuming it'll hold up, I still don't like the lack of concave. I really wish I knew what colors, if any, are coming next. I like skating old shapes that are still available. My old school deck is a hieroglyphics I bought off ebay a while back. I don't want a collection of decks, just a few special ones to me.
  • I totally understand & respect that. I couldn't find the Bartie skull deck no where!! Then i was complaining to Kam & it just so happened he had one, still in plastic & all so I jumped all over it lol! I've got a Bartie crow #1 but thrashed it. Since i cant find another skull deck, i recon that's what i'll be skating next. With it so rainy here lately in SE Tennessee it's saved it some what lol! But i'd be torn really bad to on whether to skate those or not.
  • I gotta say that after hearing all the shit about the Bones Brigade products the last few weeks I'm really turned off of anything Skate One right now. Personally I don't buy into money spending hypes and or nostalgic purchases especially ones that are alot of $$, but knowing that they have put out products that are obviously inferior and are doing absolutely nothing about it just rubs me the wrong way, as a consumer, a fan and someone that has defended the Powell/Skate One name to hell and back for so many years. 
    I've been riding and buying Powell products since I started skating in the 80's...and hearing all of this shit about the BB decks, the dvd orders, and the problems they are putting alot of you guys through without an answer, or an acknowledgement of the inferior products they are selling and or have sold and that some of you STILL don't even have, and alot of people are still buying more of anyways (which honestly makes no sense to me, but maybe that's just me) ...anyways, all this really makes me sick. 
    I only buy Skate One products, and now in a weird "home team" kind of way, I feel lost and don't know where to turn.
    I know Bones and the current Powell Peralta decks are still made great and are what they always have been, but I really don't think I can support Skate One after all this $$ making shit I stand AGAINST in all areas of my life.
    The sad thing is I had a bad feeling this was bound to happen, but I really didn't want to believe it would.
    From Mike V leaving and saying what he said about the company when he did and all the stuff about this faux Bones Brigade Powell Peralta reunion, the ProTec pool party and Ben Schroeder's truthful rant right after it about how it was fishy the results, then the Vans connection, to Mini Logo's manufacturing officially being moved over to China, to the mass nostalgic memorabilia product selling over the last few months that seemed like it was going to go to charity - but then it was apparent it was not to raise $$ but to make $$, then to the documentary being a bit smoothed over for telling the whole deep truth I expected to hear (like how the Hosoi doc went, blunt and bold and brutally honest)...after all these signs this past year, I should have known. I want so badly for it not to be this way - but sadly I don't see how it can't. 
    I'm bummed guys.
    Is anyone else this bummed??
  • id love to see that rant
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    Here ya go Bill,
    Mike's is gone from the internet (i'm sure their was some legal bs because it was deleted entirely days after he posted it on his website last year. There is no sign of it anywhere around, trust me i've looked long and hard. 
    It was called “I Found Out For Myself”. 
    Their are some quotes from it here though - ;

    Here's Ben's 2 rants (gotta love his blunt, honest opinions - we need more of that in skateboarding)!
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    facebook one wouldnt load if u can copy and paste that would be great
  • Would love to read Ben's rant.

    Doesn't surprise me that this whole thing is just a money grab. These guys are cashing in on the past, some still rip today but most are shadows or relics. We are the ones that are drooling for this stuff so it doesn't surprise me that we are getting screwed inferior product.

    It makes me wonder if they intentionally made these boards weak and inferior cause they might have thought that most people would hang them.

    We should support the smaller companies/ skaters who still are in it for the love of it.
  • ^^^^^^^^^^^ please add my small wheel brand on facebook
  • Sorry I can't copy and paste it, it's spread out over comments, it's not a blog type posting like the other one.
    It's comments throughout a long conversation. 
    Is it that you can't see it because you aren't his friend? 
    Every lifer skater on Facebook should be Ben's friend, he keeps shit real for us!
  • Done Bill. I tried the link to facebook to read Bens comments but it is like a broken link. It isnt about not being his friend on there. I can read comments on his wall though. What month in 2012 were these comments posted?
  • here it is i was born in a very small missouri town where football ruled everything i started  skating in 1974 w a gt coyote set-up i knew i was an outcast skinny no interest in football so skateboarding was my way to survive the jocks and have girlfriends my point is all this bb documentry stuff i saw the movie awesome but i didnt buy anything my dream was to be a pro skater but it didnt work out so if the guys need money i say do it ! i only skate bones wheels i dont like any of their decks too many popsicles ! i was a powell guy in the 80 S ! because we all know working a real job sucks ! to be a pro skater wow ! i am always working w little time to skate ! think about it !
  • vans kicked bucky off because he was too old
  • The simple fact that Bucky may be "too old" makes me feel older.
  • I'm here typing and I don't know where to begin. I'm very torn between my disappointment in Powell Peralta and my love for them. Where is my deck? Its been too damn long. And the doc on netflix before the ship? Come on guys? I guess that's the way things are today. No accountability from the ones who are supposed to be accountable.  
  • thankfully this whole thing is traveling along smoothly *

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