Brightlite and Superlight boards, are they the same thing?

Hey looking through the new catalogues I noticed that some of the Powell graphic boards are lighter with the special deep concave. Does this mean they are the same as the superlite minilogo boards of the same outline and thus would feel the same?


  • Brite-Lite™ construction decks are about 5% lighter and thinner than our full thickness decks. We are able to maintain strength, stiffness and pop in this thinner, all hard rock maple deck by utilizing the extra stiffness of K12’s deeper concave to compensate for the thinner plies.

    Tough-Ply™ construction is a full thickness (.400" ±.010") deck that will take more of a beating than a minimum thickness deck like the Brite-Lite.

    SuperLight decks are made of 7-Ply Hard Rock Maple, the strongest! They are 10% thinner and lighter than our regular MiniLogo™ decks with a deep K12 concave to keep them stiff.

    Looking at the above, is Tough-ply and a regular minilogo the same, Brite-Lite a bit lighter and SuperLight the lightest?
  • tough ply decks allow u to take deeper drops they all have different concaves

    superlight would more than likely be lighter than a brite lite
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