George Powell answers some questions about the Bones Brigade Re-Issue decks...

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Hey guys here's some answers from George about the BB re-issues. This is copied from a Powell Peralta Facebook group post.
I saw this and figured posting it here might help answer some questions and concerns you guys have been having.

"It is our intent to reproduce the original Brigade decks as accurately as we can. However, some of the early reissues we were able to ship before Christmas were the same thickness our current decks are, which is about .420-.430". This makes them slightly thinner than the decks we produced in the 80's, and thus slightly flexier than the originals. We thought they were functionally fine, and focused mostly on the accuracy of the shape, wheel wells, finishes and appearance. Reproducing the finishes we created in nitrocellulose lacquers during the 80's, in water base screen inks was a real challenge, and we've done our best. But being gnarly ass old school skaters, you took our beautiful, hand crafted recreations out and thrashed them, which is awesome, but brings to view both the importance of small differences in thickness, and the improvement in technology between the 80's and today. 

A few skaters have complained about their reissue being too flexy, and we aim to please, so for those of you who want to skate and destroy on these reissues, we have thickened up the ones being produced today about .030". This makes the thickness and wood as identical as we can make it to the originals, in every way, but you know what... flat boards are just not as stiff as boards with concave, and even though they are now thicker than today's decks, and identical to the originals, they still feel a little flexy, because everyone is now use to concave. Flat decks with wheel wells are less stiff than the deep concaves we ride today (greater beam stiffness and no wheel wells)... Part of what is happening is that skaters are getting surprised by this contrast, for it is sort of like asking an 80's car suspension to corner like a new porsche or BMW... The products don't look as different on the outside as they fundamentally are... 

So, if you have a couple of decks on backorder at a retailer that has not recieved them yet (or with us), rest assured that your decks will be about .450", and that they will perform as closely to the original as we can make them. They will be flexier than a 8.75" wide deep concave deck...even though they are thicker, so just saying... these are meant to be accurate reissues of 80's tech and style, not the state of the art pool performers most of you are use to now. In any case, I hope you enjoy your new decks".

Do you know who will be stocking the reissues in the UK?

"Our distributor, Shiner is patiently waiting for us to make enough to ship them a decent quantity. Production is agonizingly slow due to the number of colors and our hand screening process, but we are working to double production and then triple it in the weeks and months ahead. Their good dealers will receive decks as soon as they get them, I'm sure".



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    continued - 

    Stacy update - 
    "I spoke with Stacy briefly last week and noted that he is overwhelmed with a
    ll the love that has poured forth in his direction as a result of both the Bones Brigade Film and the sad, sad death of Austin, his only son, who was recognized in jazz circles as a prodigy as a teenager. Austin was a very nice young man...incredibly talented, funny, kind, hardworking, fun loving, sensitive, spiritual... I just don't know of anything even remotely non-exemplary to say about him. It will be some time before Stacy is able to take on a full load, but he is beginning to take a few deep breaths again".

    Reading George reply directly and addressing the BB deck issues has brought back my faith in the Skate One company and for me all balance has been returned to The Force.
    Thanks George.

    Hope this may have helped any of you guys that have expressed concerns about the decks quality.

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    So people who preordered got thinner decks than what they are now producing? I'm assuming the reish decks they are making now would have less flex which is great, but what about the people who wanted to skate the decks they ordered, and got sent a wafer. It's an admission they fucked up and shouldn't have sent out the thinner decks..nope, I'm still pissed
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    I can understand that. I was just trying to provide some form of answer and or info for you guys as it seemed there was no type of straight forward answer or reply you all were getting from anyone at Skate One in direct regards to the deck flex issues.
    Saw it posted and figured this was the first time anybody outside of one of us here talked about it.
    Personally I don't have $100 to buy a skateboard deck, if I did I would use it to buy oil for heat for my family. 
    So I'm no potential buyer in this case, I'm just a fly on the wall through all this. =P
    But it's fun to look at all the pics and everything you guys have been posting. Good stuff!
    I was only trying to help out you guys that can and do want to take part in owning one of them with any info I could find.

    Hope I didn't create a shit storm for anybody, I was just trying to help. 
    I was just happy to see such a straight forward answer for a change as opposed to some random usual "our company stands behind all our products" blah blah blah corp nonsense. And it was good to here they are being hand screened and with the OG style paint and inks. That I didn't know.

    Good luck guys. : )
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    slobs posted on snb about all this .. however now, I kinda wished I was waiting a touch more for the .450's

    I guess next time the wood will be something they monitor that little bit more than last

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    Who knows maybe after a few years these re-issued 1st press decks will be what collectors call "RARE".
    I can see the eBay ad now "RARE Bones Brigade First Pressing Re-Issue Deck, only a few thousand made".

    What the history of growing up in the 80's to now has taught me is you just never know.
    What we all thought would be garbage and no one would want then, somehow becomes something you can sell and pay a months rent on. Whether it be keeping an old model of deck in package or a Thundercat Lion-O w/ glove!
    One mans junk & forgotten childhood relics is another mans meal.
  • So.....those of us who pre-ordered and received our decks can expect our discount refund, when?
  • Sorry johnophean that wasn't supposed to be directed at you dude, I appreciate the info :)
  • No prob at all Slippery, I understand. : )
  • I just got comformation that my decks just got shipped!!!! Finally!!!! Yes!!!!
  • I'm happy the decks will be better for the next round of re-issues. Still would be nice if the ones I was sent were thicker.
  • Hopefully the next round will be different colors.
  • I hear ya Chris..and Faus. C'monnnnn snakeskin McGill! lol
  • A friend of mine asked me a very good question tonight. 
    How are the Bones Brigade re-issue decks in comparison strength wise to the Cab, McGill and Ray Bones re-issue decks that were already being made in those pig shapes?
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    Jono in regards to the Lances, I have 2 80s nos & the grey reish they did 6 or so years back.
    The grey one imo was the best comparison. Ive compared them to no end.. the grey one is way more solid then the new greeny
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    See why couldn't they make the grey one again..but in green. I would happily sacrifice wheel wells for something more solid, lets hope the next set is
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     Stacy, I'm sorry for your loss. This is the first I've heard of your son's passing. You have been an inspiration since I first time I saw you in Skateboarder back in 1977. My thoughts and prayers will be with you. GodSpeed.
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    Amazing no love for Stacy, just a bunch of cry babies, all the decks come with warranties, send them back if you aren't happy.
    Thats all you guys got out of JOHNOPHEAN's post?????????
    If people have reached out on FB or an earlier thread i apologize. I cant believe no one has said anything here. Again, I read the OP post and just see whining and no love for Stacy.
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    Warranty doesn't cover too much flex dude, and you're right..I can't speak for anyone else but I have reached out and expressed my condolences to Stacy as well via instagram and facebook. I've thought a lot about it over the past couple of months especially over Christmas, the importance of family and how fragile we all really are, and even though I'm not a particularly religious person (I pray when I'm desperate), I found myself praying to God to give Stacy strength through this hour of darkness.

    But with the risk of sounding insensitive, this is a separate issue, and there are more people involved in the production of these decks than just Stacy
  • I love gum flappers .. they promote, self pwnage
  • JOHNOPHEAN - the decks you linked to are fine, just like everything before these special reissues.  I have the exact Ray Bones and McGill you linked, and they don't flex at all.  Their concave is similarly flat, but not quite as dramatically flat.

    I appreciate someone at Powell - no less than the man himself - admitting that these were made differently.  

    My guess would be if I wanted to exchange or get a refund, SkateOne would comply - I'm too lazy for that though, so from here on out I will quit my bitching.  Again, I do appreciate the admission from George.
  • Skate and Destroy....doesn't really matter if your a girl or boy.

    (just trying to lighten the mood.)
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    Twist and Shout, knee slide out.
  • I would love to skate a hawk bottle nose, hopefully that's in the works.
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