New Bones video out soon

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Has everyone signed up for the free download of the new bones video due out in 15 days?

Here's the link if you haven't. Can't wait to see this, should be fairly rad to say the least :)


  • yep did it a long time ago
  • Lol why doesn't that surprise me
  • Thanks for the heads up, just got it dialed
  • Finally got to watch the Bones vid .. pretty cool, I enjoyed it .. cant help but think (to a minor degree) these vids are turning into mini "who can tre flip the most amount of stairs" kinda things.

    Enjoyn a few cups of coffee checkn the behind the scenes progress clips for New Grounds as well.
  • cant wait to watch it in a few days
  • Same..not long now :)
  • Maybe this will hold you over till the new video drops:
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    Pretty excited about this video, been waiting a while for it. I was lucky enough to name it last spring. It's weird seeing something I named being up on film premiere marquee's and on places like Thrasher. 
    I wonder if I got my name in the credits like they said.
    Feel honored to be a small part of the Powell Peralta/Bones video legacy even if it is in the most smallest possible way.

    I had picked 5 names as my entries and 4 of them had alot of thought into them, New Ground was a last minute idea cuz I needed one more. Hey it works, short sweet and cuts to the point of an amateur featured Bones video.
    The other 4 names I can now use for new song titles. Thanks Bones!
    I always read people hating on it going "that's the name that won the contest, I could'a thought of a better name than that" - I just say "cool man, good for you, I bet you could have, then why didn't you then???" No answers. =)

    PS - 
    Team manager Jared Lucas called me "some kid" at the premier video on Ride channel, I thought that was funny since I'm an old man. : P
  • Makes for a better story if a kid named it, but good for you dude..I hope you get your name in the credits somewhere
  • Jono you kid lol  :p

    well done though mate.. its good to know
  • Thanks guys. Dunno if you've seen the newest teaser released Wednesday. Looks crazy! =) Bones "New Ground" Teaser 2
  • edited February 2013 pre-release was 1am est it pays to stay up late
  • Video is good stuff. And the download time was super fast. (I used the torrent link)
  • yep i downloaded the stupid apple file and converted it to wmv
  • huh? when i click the download link it starts playing, not downloading
  • well u can either watch it or download it
  • yeah, i'd just be stoked if it'd let me download it that way when they take it down eventually i could still watch it
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    all u do is right click on the link and click save as or save target as but i got the vid on my desktop so if anyone needs it ill send it to them
  • I left clicked and it worked too easy, downloaded in about 5-10 mins. Would of liked to download the old one straight from a link too but not too big of a deal
  • i have a mac so i don't have a left or a right click, just a middle click i guess

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    I have a mac too. You hold down the control key before you click your mouse button. Bam you just right clicked!

    Then just save linked file to what ever target you pick. (desktop or download folder)
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    it would be simpler to keep the beer in one hand & right click the mouse with the other.. no genius involved, just logic

    but if you like missing out on most sites due to a lack, or arrogance towards, of flash support, then you just go right ahead & enjoy your mac :p
  • Oh snap take that you Apple lemmings
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