Deck rails...What do you use?

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Pro and cons of rails fellas.
Thin Ribs, Rib Bones, OG NOS Bones rails, Pig Rails, Pocket Pistols, Crooks, Vision, Creature, etc...what do you like and why and where do you use them?

I have been using Thin Ribs at the park for a while now and wanted to put a set of them on another deck and wondered about the Pig rails as I see alot of the older cats skating with those too. 

Figured we could dork out on rail differences for a little bit to take the edge of the BB deck thang.


  • Hey mate, I started using airborne's, they're a little thinner height wise and I'm really liking them for board slides. They are fairly long though (15 inch), so for some boards I have to cut down the length a little but they're really soft so it's easy to do. Apart from them, I've only used OG rib bones and vision rails. The best thing with ribs and airborne's is that they have the old school bolts which I trust more than the wood screws that come with new rails. The pigs look ok though, come in some nifty colours if you like matching your board with your rails
  • Yep, airborne for me too. Very rib bone like, and come with fake rat nut replicas. I also believe they have the same bolt pattern if you need OG replacements. I don't like pig rails, and they come with wood screws. I actually got a set to try last week, but didn't like the feel and ordered another set of airbornes instead.
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    I hear you guys on the screw the rails come with. I'm ok with using screws I just have to buy stronger screws than what comes w/ the Thin Ribs.
    # 6x 1/2" Sheet metal screws from Home Depot. $1.18 for 14.

    The screws that come with the rails the heads snapped off of 4 of them when I went to put the rails on. 
    They're soft brittle metal, more like a drywall screws. Def need a slight pre-drill before using them.
    They say no pre-drill required but I can't understand how not w/ heads snapping like that w/ just a screwdriver.
    The Home Depot steel screws are alot stronger and don't snap.

  • The Thin Ribs are off both the Powell Peralta site and the Skate One site. Hope they come back and maybe in some other color than orange.
  • What I did with a set of vision rails (which I'm sure you could do with the pig ones if you wanted), was to slightly enlarge the holes so I could fit them on with the old school bolts..a tad heavier (not that I think I could tell the difference), but gives me piece of mind they're not going to snap off at some point
  • Only ever rode OG Rib Bones but my last pair is getting worn down so... I'll be trying the new ones soon. Think I'll use my rat nuts over the wood screws
    I do not ride rails any more and have not in a long time. No need for them.
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    Too each his own bro. I like em for grabs and for making my slides on coping longer and smoother, less catch.
    I went no rails a long time, then put em back on and love it all over again. 
    No more sweaty, dusty hands having the board fly out my hand on grab tricks either.
  • Agreed johno, plus I get a bit more wear out of my board and can board slide for longer. I always found once you get down to bare wood they don't slide for shit
  • unless you wax the shit out of everything like a mall grabber
  • Get a mini logo deck with SST on there and you can slide anything at 100 mph!

    But hey if you like rails, cool. I have a Mike V. set up with them and it just feels so weird to have them on a board again. I guess I am just used to no rails after all these years.
  • Lol myren, that's a strong case you've put forward there, I've been thinking mini logo is the way forward, maybe I should bite the bullet and try one..probably the 8.5 inch one. When my dollin gets a bit ragged I think it's time to rejoin the dark side
  • maybe they should look into slicks again?

    I was keen at one stage not long ago to get one of those sc slick reishs.. 
  • Those Santa Cruz slick reissues sucked.  I bought the Dressen reissue and they were nothing like the originals, which were six and a half plies and then half a ply thickness of slick layer.  These were just seven plies with a slick skin over it and it just ripped after a weeks worth of sliding.  It also had a different and much shallower concave than the original, and a really short nose with hardly any kick.
  • I like Powell Thin Ribs, they seem pretty ideal, if I'm going to use rails. Not too thick n heavy.  I also use Pig rails, because they have the same thin shape, but in black (which kinda hides 'em in).

  • dam bermy .. they sound shit as
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    jokers rails are similar to thin ribs.  i like the orange thin ribs, wish they came in white.
  • A whole range of colours in the thin ribs would be rad, they're by far the best rails
  • I have just been informed that Powell Peralta Thin Ribs have been discontinued.
    I thought the orange Thin Ribs were the most popular rails out there, no?
    They are the only rails I usually see on any boards.

    Thought I'd share this news with you guys.
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    What?! What will Cab use on his boards? Where'd you here that johno?
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    I ordered a set right, from a shop and they sent me the wrong rails.
    So I said "hey you sent me the wrong rails, I need thin ribs only because they are replacing the already drilled out thin ribs rails I have".
    They said "ok, but they are on back order, we will let you know when they come in and ship them out to you right away".
    I say "ok fine, I'll wait, but find out when they are coming back in stock".

    A month later and I get a personal phone call from them telling me they have just been informed by Skate One that the thin ribs were now being discontinued. They asked me if I wanted Pig rails instead, I said "no just refund my card".
    The End. : )
  • I usually buy rib bones old "new stock" off eBay...I like the way they feel personally
  • big old fat vision rails !!!!!!!
  • for my arthritis !!!!!!!!!!!!!
  • Hi everyone,

    I'm new to the forum and bought a pair of pig rails to put on my deck.The board I have is a Santa Cruz Minimal. The problem is that when I bought the rails they looked like they would protect the deck but when I screwed them in I realised the deck is really concave and I screwed them on to the side. Therefore, the middle of the deck is not protected because the rails are slightly short in height. What should I do? Can I raise them somehow ? Are there any other rails that have the same bolt pattern but are taller ? Thanks.
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