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  • Someone posted a screen cap from instigram or twitter that had colors, some thought that was the future colors.  I can't find it now, I'd like to compare it to these new colors and see if it gives us a real indication of what colors could possibly be in the future.

    Do we know when these colors will hit the market?
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    after march because that is when all the current bb reish orders supposed to be done

    and i quote

     "We are placing this ad in various magazines of the next colorways of the Bones Brigade decks.

    We plan to have the first colorway production completed by the middle
    of March, and then we are starting production on this next series.

    Check your favorite skate shop to score decks in the first colorway."

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    so there u go these colors are official
  • Like the last series, I'm jumping all over the Mountain.  I would get some of the others, but I don't like the un-shaped pigs...for skating or hanging.  Just too "plain" for my tastes...and I never liked riding them.  So the Mountain will be my only purchase again.  

    I really wonder what the reasoning for the pig shapes is.  I mean, to me the most iconic Hawk is the bottle nose with the iron crosses in the background...and the most iconic McGill is the snake skin.  
  • Kinda cool, but I don't think my missus will approve purchase for any of these ones considering how many decks I've bought in the last 6 months..maybe the Mullen. Do you think they'll go oval dragon again on the topside?..and is the dream of holding out for a snakeskin McGill slowly dying??
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    Great colours ... Ill be buying again

    Billy .. where was this pic originally posted? Its not on the brigade page..

    Will they be sold direct from skateone? calskate?
  • My brother saw it on facebook
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    yea it was posted on the bones brigade autobiography fb page
  • Far out this color run is growing on me, but don't think I could handle the whole preorder process again..drove me to the brink of madness
  • the cab looks more like a long board shape kind of like the bartie fun shape
  • That Tommy Guerrero deck is nice!

    Funny how they say "Check your favorite skate shop to score decks", because they are no where to be found. Just ebay. Or at least no skate shops in my area carried them. Well I take that back, One shop got one set and they sold like hot cakes.
  • My local skate shop seems to be too "new school".....bunch of young kids running it.  I go in there and you can sense that "what's the old guy doing here?" feeling.  There is a Vans store close by that has a few old school decks left, not the BB release, but a Cab bats, Hosoi, and a few others.  The kids who work there are awesome, they know, understand, and enjoy the history.
  • I hear ya, same here. I ask if they have any P&P decks and they just say they can order them. So can I... so I'll just stick to ordering them online.
  • "so can I".....LOL!  How times have changed.  I never really thought about it like that, I guess I'm finally getting to the point where I don't remember before the internet.  The other day I was flipping through some old Thrashers I bought on eBay and after a while I realized how strange the ads look without web addresses on them.  All 1800 numbers and addresses to send a SASE to for free stickers.
  • i operate my businesses via mail order so screw it haters gonna hate
  • No fax machine? No pager?
  • Do u give away free stickers bill?
  • i do when u purchase something from me
  • Russian brides come via mail order these days?
  • As long as you pay the import duty they do
  • you get a free sticker :D
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    And by sticker, you mean herpes.
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    lol from new bonesbrigade deck colors, to herpes courtesy of a Russian mail order bride - somewhere along the line, things went off waaaay off topic
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