• I dont see the issue.. herpes provides you with a colourful time

    You dont have to worry anyways Slippery.. you cant catch it twice  :p
  • Well that's a relief, here I was thinking super herpes was a thing
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    super herpes would be the Paris Hilton type version of it

    normal herpes is the local ganger type

    Ive had both lol
  • My Mama said it was just a "love rash".

  • ewww dude lol ..

    just rub some cream on it, fixes everything
  • And by cream, I assume you mean turpentine.
  • I'm really wondering how many releases these will have, and which colors. I keep hearing each deck in 4 colors, the LMFP for instance was released in green, the next color will be pink, so it leaves two more colors. If that is the case, what are we seeing in these images? I see a red one on the art table, and I see a black one and a white one on the back wall of the other pic. Does this mean 5 or more colors, or are we seeing something else?
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    maybe they put them up to decide which ones to release as a compare chart wtf at those tye dye ones
  • yeah, i think thats whats goin on too bill, comparison. the tie dye looks lame and i guess the cab ban this shape is still gonna suck... whoopee!
  • oh.. and i didn't see any sweatpants getting ready to be shipped my way either!! ;)

  • haha or a drawing of a snakeskin mcgill
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    The baby blue Cab D&B and Chinese Dragon look rad.
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    love that baby blue s and s and the green mullen is gnarly too and the blue hawk
  • The one I'm hoping for is the black LMFP. That was my first deck, I have one but it's drilled, I would love a replacement to ride.
  • I'd be stoked if they reished the light blue and black dragon bats, hope they eventually reissue that deck in lime green as well
  • Steve Steadham was in Hawaii (where I live) and a friend of mine got to talk with him.  Steadham said he gets a check usually every month for $200 - $300 from the sales of his Powell Peralta reissues.  
  • Steadham said he was interviewed for several hours for the doc and only a couple of seconds were shown. Hopefully they will release a Special Edition that shows us more.
  • The sp ed will have more Durst & Ben Harper
  • If it meant 5 more minutes of Durst to get 3 hours of Lance.....I'd still say no.
  • Just ordered the Blue Guerrero...hoping the Mountain will be in blue or black for the next color reissue..not keen on the green or the pink..for the mountain anyway
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