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anyone skated theses on a plywood half-pipe ? rate the performance


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    Hey man, I have not, but I seem to be one of the more indoor "wheel nerds" type peeps around here so I will give you the best knowledge I can from all I've found about them on wood.

    I know they are a different formula urethane than the standard type wheels, they are made of the high grade stuff that the STF and SPF wheels are made of. 
    They measure out to about a 95ish in durometer, although some say they feel a little softer which seems to be common of that urethane type. (STF& SPF wheels definitely don't feel as hard as they are either).

    I skate mostly dusty indoor bowls and ramps and I have been using either Powell Peralta Rippers 54mm 97a or Mini Logo 58mm 97a wheels, they also make this formula wheel in the Rat Bones II 60mm as well. 
    The 97a is perfect grip for me dust and all and has decent speed but def not as fast as say a SPF or STF wheel or standard 100a type wheel as well...but when you break yer knee cap going super fast around a roundwall and the culprit was wheel slip you gotta kind of make the sacrifice, and it paid off.

    It all depends what size ramp you are skating and how big of a wheel you want.
    I mean think about it, back in the 80's nobody was riding wheels harder than a 97a on any of those wooden ramps.
    95a was pretty standard. The street guys were riding even softer at say 92a.
    Harder urethanes didn't really happen till wheels started getting really small because regardless of how rough it felt on yer feet there was no way a 40mm soft wheel was gunna give any sort of speed at all. The smaller a softer wheel is the harder it is to get and retain speed, the larger a softer wheel that becomes less an issue. 
    This is also why you don't see many companies make softer wheels in smaller sizes.
    Some do and they are kind of a novelty, and are not a wheel you'd want for an everyday setup.

    So after all that technical rambling and nerd mumbo jumbo, I hope I could give you some sort of help. 
    Good luck. : )

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