mike v no longer on airwalk

not a surprise lol now riding for some brand called servant footwear


  • Just read it on fb. Not surprising. I think he got caught up in the nostalgia movement with pp and Airwalk, then realized he doesn't want to be a novelty skater, he wants to stay relevant and progressive......as he films himself bonelessing off of everything.
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    he is back on thunder now too are u chris berbes on facebook
  • Yea, that was me.
  • Ah, next month he'll be on Z-Roller trucks. 
  • haha i remember those trucks they were doing them in the late 90's with rollers on them seemed pretty gnarly though
  • I've never understood the whole boneless trip he's been on for the last couple of years.  They are not what he was known for in his heyday.  When you think Mike V You think doing tricks to fakie, manuals, and no complies.
  • Yea, he was the king of no complies.  I was always a fan of his style, but I never felt he was very progressive.....not in the sense that Hill and Barbee were.  Just your "everyman" type skater.  
  • Z rollers were around in the eighties too, they "came back" for a short spell in the 90's for whatever reason. Next he'll shut down elephant and ride for zorlac
  • Na, I see him rocking the Nash Executioner.
  • Airwalk blows. Anything is a step up, so good for Mike.
  • true about airwalk man. what ever happened with your blog? it was good stuff
  • Yea, that blog was awesome.
  • Yea it was good stuff.
  • Was it lack of traffic? I've often wondered how many of us old guys were really out there.
  • Dunlop Volleys are his next conquest
  • Best mowing shoes out there
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