so what do u think about...

powell-peralta completes now being done with china wood


  • sum ting wong
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    mm hmm dissappoints me because i really wanted to get that blue blacklight skull and sword
  • Cheap is the way everybody is going
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    It's cuz they are $84 dude. They are price point setups directed at kids and people that can only afford very little. 
    The new Mini Logo decks are as we all know by now Made In China and I just got one and it feels, looks, smells and pops and reacts the exact same. Same wood, shape and everything.
    Only difference is a guy named Mr. Xang in China made it as opposed to guy named Mr. Xang in Santa Barbara.
    The only difference is that the Mr. Xang in China works for less, and therefore that's why said products are to be able to be priced as low as they are. 

    Their is and always will be a difference in QUALITY control Made In China stuff, and the shit that goes to Walmart etc.
    Sadly because of the name "China" on a label they all get mixed up in alot of buyers eyes.  
    Thats not the case w/ Skate One Chinese Products, promise.
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    I also just kinda reviewed the new Mini Logo Trucks...check that out too in the "Mini Logo Made In China" topic.
  • Ill have number 43 on the menu fanks
  • Runch menu?
  • Powul Purawta

  • Are the decks of these completes the same quality as the Mini Logos or are they using different wood? I've been happy with the quality of the ML wood and am considering getting one of the blacklight completes because they are so cheap on Amazon.
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    minilogo and most skate one completes are the same chinese wood
  • Those Blacklight completes aren't that bad.
  • Where are you getting the info on where the wood is sourced? Your post is vague at best. Are you saying the PP completes are being manufactured in China using Chinese wood? Are you saying PP is shipping wood to China and having the decks manufactured there? What are you getting at?
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    im saying all minilogo,hoopla,positiv,golden dragon and the new skull and sword and ripper and mcgill completes and powell-peralta mini completes are done in china aka the completes that cost between 79-89 bucks...and the info isnt hard to find
  • They have stickers on the side of the deck that say made in China.
  • I have seen that some of the Positiv and Golden Dragon decks are birch instead of maple. Don't know about Hoopla. Mini Logo are maple and I am assuming the PP are as well.
  • Wow not Powell think everybody is made in china now
  • Not all PP decks are made in China.
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    the only pp decks that are made in china are the powell-peralta minis and the powell-peralta mcgill,ripper,skull and sword completes that cost 89 bucks
  • I skated the 8 inch Sword and Skull. It lasted as long as anything else. Go ahead and buy one, they are super cheap and the mini logo trucks are rad.
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    This is something cool to look at when thinking about wood and who, what and where it is being made. Some of this has changed and some of those updates are mentioned in the comments section on this link.

  • yea that info is incomplete though
  • That fckwitbook article says that mini logo are US made. I thought mini logo was china?
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