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I am currently hopeful about restoring a Mcgill Pig. I bought it on EBAY for 26.00. I am super stoked about this. I will update with Pix as I do it. Has anyone in this forum completed a quality restore? If so can you post some pix?

I've read some sites that recommend using a marker to restore black lines...NOT!....I plan on having reverse vinyls made and either burning screens or using them as stencils. If the labor of the vinyls is easy ( making them) that might be the way to go. Only problem is the transfer paper is not very translucent...

Sorry I'm rambling...just excited about a new project... 

What's your feelings on a restored stick?


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    here is my 26.00 score!image
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  • never mind on that picture.....

  • u gotta put the pics on a server like photo bucker then click the image button on the toolbar then copy and paste the link
  • People are over the pig style? Might have to compare mine to my friends and if no concave ....ROUTER TIME!
  • just buy a reish, save yourself the working headache

    im lazy tho,, take my advice witha cup of coffee
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    image failed again...created flicker account,pasted url and all I got was a question mark for a photo...I'm already off to a bad least the images I created to make the silk screens came out nice...using a freeware GIMP manipulation program. Now I'm into refining the lines. Computer programs read in pixels which are square. I need to refine the curves with a fine marker and brush.

    Dr. Freedom...I gain no knowledge or satisfaction buying a "reish" Thanks for the advice, I did have a cup a coffee though..actually 2
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    the url has to end in jpg,jpeg,bmp etc if u are using firefox (which all of u should be using if not then me and the geek squad are gonna come for u) just right click on the photo then click image location then it will copy the exact url then just click the photo icon in the toolbar
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