Graffiti Ripper Truck Size

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Thinking about getting a Graffiti Ripper. Those of you who have one what size Indys would you use? 149? 159?



  • 149 or a 5.5 in a Theeve ;)
  • From experience w/ 9" and larger decks I'd say the Indy 159, Thunder 151 or new Mini Logo 8.75" will fit perfect.
    The contour at the nose and tail areas will fit you perfect w/ an 8.75" axle truck.
    You could use 149's easily too as pro's like Cab have used Indy 149's w/ a 9"+ decks for a while. 
    (Even with the new 159's out Cab is still using 149 Indy's w/ his 9.16" decks.)
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    I recently purchased some 6 hole independents that have no emblem on the base....doesn't look like there ever was one. They are like 9" wide. Any ideas on when they issued these or when they started embossing indy logo on bases? It seems they went from 4 holes to 6 holes to adding emblem to...

  • probably old
  • Weren't 6 hole bases a late 90s thing?  And I remember Indy putting their logo on the bases around the same time.  My time line may be off, but that's when I remember those things changing.

    Which still is something I don't understand....why did the standard mount holes change in the first place?
  • Baseplate stamps came in the end of 1998 w/ the Stage 8's.

    Check out the Indy Stage I-IX.
    A little outdated as we are on Stage XI now but thought it'd help. : )

  • I had Indy 149's on mine, but now that the 159's are out, they would probably work too.  Good luck, rip 'er up!

  • the stage v look like furys
  • What u say about furbys?

  • Motobilt Trucks Rule !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • models with extra grinding surface built-in !!!! Remember ?
  • I only use Tri-Force.  Good enough for Mike Smith in '87, good enough for me.  ;)

  • I say ride what feels good for you! setting up a board is all about personal preference.
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