Out wiith the old, in with some new?

edited March 2013 in Powell-Peralta®
Are we ever gonna see any of the ams goin pro anytime soon?
Garcia, Hawkins, McClain, Reeves...?
Also, iss VCJ workin on a new Hoffart graphic? Any new ones at all?
The re-issues aren't the only thing they should be focusing on. And I feel it's played itsself out, so how about something new?


  • those re-issues are probably gonna take up most of the year they havent done any new stickers in a really long time
  • Brad McClain could be the next Ben Raybourne, they both just straight up shred.  It's cool to watch them and not see one flip trick.  I'm sick of all the flip tricks.

  • josh hawkins or brad mcclain will be one of the next pros guaranteed
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