powell-peralta business cards


  • That's cool, clever.
  • They look to be about the same thickness as the first batch of BB reissues.
  • haha i was waiting for that one
  • Yea, it was an easy cheap shot.

    Speaking of which, I have seen the new colorways on various sites for pre-order.  I wonder when they will be available on the soc site.  I would rather buy direct.  I trust the issues that plagued the first batch are behind us, with the move complete and whatnot.
  • i think probably within the next 2-3 months it will start up again
  • Which sites already have them out for preorder?
  • Calsk8 has them up for preorder. I got an email from someone else too, I believe it was oldskull.
  • edited March 2013
    What, no pig shaped cards! Where is the consistency?
  • YOU CANT SAY PIG shaped decks anymore ! it s 2013
  • Yea I know. So where are the Snake Skin cards?
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