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I am wondering, now that the bones brigade decks with the
wheel wells are so popular, will Powell re-issue some of the older decks as
well? I would love to see them do the britelite or even a beamer run! I hope to
see more of the older decks done in the original style. Some I would like to
see are ones I had as a kid like—purple dip britelite skull and sword snub nose,
orange beamer, red-orange Allan Gelfand tank and my favorite light blue vato
rat deck. I can wish I guess lol, so what’s the decks you would like to see
re-issued? At 48 I still ride almost every day!



  • anything from 1998 and up
  • My vote goes to reishing the Clint deck

  • instead of re-issues how about new models/ shapes change it up i would like to see 8.75x34 deks 16-17 inch wheel bases !!!! double kick but not POPSICLE !!!!
  • Yea, I've been saying that for a while.  I would love to see some decks in-between the old "double kick" and modern popsicle decks.  Something in the 8.5-8.75 range less than 33" long.  But with classic graphics.  

    Graphics have always been a double edged sword with me, I couldn't stand people who were so obsessed with the graphics that they wanted to protect their deck at all costs...or who ignored shape/function simply for the graphic.  I was a buy it and shred it, don't care what the graphic looks like at the end of the first day, kind of guy.  On the other hand, I LOVE the old graphics, I would spend hours thumbing through decks at the local shop back in the day.  They were iconic graphics.  

  • yeah modern day graphics are weak the rapper element invaded skateboarding never understood that!!!!!!!! and the lack of any thought or originality is gone !  baggie pants and 49 mm wheels !
  • Yea, nothing against rap but skating was always a "punk" sport to me. Hell, "skate punk" is still the best genre of music, in my humble opinion.
  • well interesting but rap and skateboarding ? i just don t get it theres no guitars or real drums or real talent -so - yeah black flag damaged -the best i a m an older skater started -in 1974 so that s why it does nt flow for me but i skate for myself now in my backyard that whole scene now is weird razor scooters rap music -angry street skaters egos at the parks thers no brotherhood in my area -kc mo !
  • Don't get me started on the current skate culture....I think it has a lot to do with the rise in skate parks.  It is a blessing and a curse.  On one hand I wish we had some modern parks back in the 80s/90s.  But on the other hand, I think the old "skate spot" culture was such a bonding thing for skaters.  Sure, we all had our "locals" attitude, but everybody knew the raddest spots outside your immediate area.  We had some sick spots that we loved when guys from other areas showed up....there was a respect, nobody snaked you, and you shared tricks.  Same when we would go to other spots.

    My memory is shot, but I can still remember all the nicknames for our spots. "Bible town", "the kink", "the hill", etc.  There was such a different vibe back then, and as cheesy as Animal Chin was, it did capture the adventure we all experienced in finding new spots.  Sure, it wasn't in a chop top Caddy, but that sense of freedom and adventure.
  • it's all what you make of it
  • At age 48 i still skate for exercise but cruise mostly. I can say that back in the day the graphics of a band either made you or broke you--it was all about the cool graphics(art) if you will. i have been riding for many years and have seen skateboarding come and go several times. The best thing i like about skateboarding is it's all you. I always skate what i like and dn not worry what anyone else likes,in this sport you ride in your comfort level and with your friends. I miss the 80's and the old parks we had back then.
  • Sweatpants..
  • In the end, just fckn reissue everything & it should all sell.

    The bazillion  threads in the various forums .. reish this, reish my pants, reish my deck when I was a 10 year old pecker head, reish my bitch cnt act of a wife etc etc .. just reish everything & be done with it.

  • much anger i sense in you
  • Trouble on the homefront doc?
  • no

    nostalgia is big business, why cherry pick, just reish everything, theres something in it for everyone.. consumers & producers
  • For sure dude, surely it wouldn't cost that much to even produce a limited set to see how they sell..and then flood the market if they do. Feels like this discussion is going round in circles
  • always goes in circles
  • Yea, you figure most of us are in the same boat.  Older, have generally adapted with the modern stuff, but now that there is a resurgence in the 80s skate culture, we are taking advantage of it.  We want exactly what we want, I have my specific wants, so does every body else.  Plus you factor in the collector side of many of us, it's like anything else.  Comic books, baseball cards, Star Wars figures....anything that we loved as younger people, we want to hang on our wall today.

    I've always said it.....and yes, here comes another long winded rant....

    We, as men, were screwed from the start.  Women, by in large ARE living their dream.  Go to any toy store and look in the girls sections.  What do you see?  Dolls, designed to teach them to be mothers.  Toy kitchens, toy vacuums, dress up stuff....pretty much every toy for a girl is designed to teach them to be mothers, cook, and clean.  From the start Women are taught THAT is their future.  So they are living their dream lives.  My Wife has her glass top stove, her stainless appliances, her front loading washer and dryer...everything she asked for, she got.

    Last I checked....I am not a Jedi Knight, I am not a professional skater, I am not the drummer for Metallica.  I am not saving the galaxy from the forces of evil.  It's a bullshit setup, from the start.  So we, as men, cling to our youths as long as we can.  Aside from the fact that skating (and playing drums) is still fun and still provides me with freedom from my daily life....it also reminds me of simpler times, when I was younger.  I'm going to do what I can to stay mentally young as long as possible.  I don't see my Wife doing what she can to cling to her youth, she isn't collecting baby dolls, she dresses our Daughter.  She isn't hanging pictures of famous cooks or really good floor sweepers on the wall.  She is living it.  Me?  I'm still trying to stay young, as much as I can.  And if that means wanting to wear a Bones shirt, some rat bones sweats, and shred a red and black LMFP, then that's what I want.  And nobody can tell me I'm wrong. 

    Now if you excuse me, my Wife asked me to empty the dryer......then I'll skate in my driveway. 
  • Lol funniest rant I've heard since doc dropped the c bomb
  • nice chris!! even mentioned the sweats!!
  • I thought I was the only old guy that still skates his driveway.
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