Powell Tail Bones/Deck Configurations

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Hello all,

First post, and I am hoping some of you might assist me in setting up one of the new BB reissues (Mountain) to 80's specs. 

I have not used a tail bone since I was a kid (yes, in the 80's), and therefore have no idea which size will properly fit on these reissue decks.

Which will fit perfectly? 8", 8.75"?? These seem to be the only ones available, and the color options are slim.

Thanks for your help here!



  • Hey Chris, I set mine up with an 8" but I'll doublecheck that when I get home and post a pic so you can see for yourself how it fits
  • That sounds wonderful. Thank you so much! 
  • few diff sizes on fleabay

    if you can only find large ones, dremel it down to suit
  • So, is the consensus 8" for the BB reissues (esp. the Mountain)? Will 8.75" hang over the edge? These are the only two sizes that seem to be available anywhere. 
  • Hey dude, as promised mine is 8" and here is a pic of how it fits

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    As you can see 8" fits pretty snug on the mountain reissue. For the hawk I would go with a larger tailbone..but not entirely sure as I didn't get one
  • Thanks a lot. That looks great, exactly how I'm trying to set mine up, only I can't find the blue tail bone to save my life, just pink and green. I have the blue rails and blue rat bones, though.

    8" is clearly the way for this deck!
  • The 8.75" ones only measure 8.25" anyway so I think you should be good with either?! The 9 " are the ones to avoid...
  • For sure, although a 9" tailbone would probably fit my jetfighter McGill perfectly
  • Anyone on here have a black tail bone they would part with that would fit a Vallely elephant?
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