few new bb reissue graphics on the site



  • I'm finding it hard to look past the resentment from a lack of snakeskin on the McGills
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    Notice the shapes of the current releases. Early 80s pig boards.
     Maybe they are holding out for the mid eighties shapes and color ways!!! or did i miss that boat?
  • I think we've seen all the color's they are going to use for the reissues. They will just be on different decks.   You know there will be a silver Guerrero and maybe a pink one. The new cab is the same green as the mountain, the new hawk is the same blue as the cab and so on.
  • I hope not, a blue Mountain would look bad....as would a silver, in my opinion.  I think black one and a white one for the LMFP.
  • I'm always floating around and chime in once in a while, but I must say, they have to release the McGill snakeskin and Hawk Bottlenose decks.
    It makes sense (moneywise) to sell these current deck first, and release the grails last. Flood the market with The Chin series decks already!!!
  • Yea Kev, a long time ago it was mentioned the first 2 sets would be pig, 3rd should be the bottle noses.
  • Rad, I don't remember that.
  • me either, I think doc's pulling our leg
  • I don't remember hearing that, there was a bunch of speculation when it was announced there would be 4 for each rider, but as far as I know it was just speculation. If the various color "tests" on the tour pictures are an indication, they will all be pig shaped.
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    On the bonesbrigade website it said "10,000 of each riders deck in color runs of 2,500" or more or less in those words. I would say once they sorted out the initial deck troubles, they're not going to change it up again, and stick with the wheel welled pigs. I hope one of the next colors for guerrero's flaming dagger is yellow, and a light blue future primitive would be good too, and a black one for Chris's sake :) ..that's all I'm hopeful for now, anything else like bottlenose hawks or snakeskin McGills or even the winged ripper logo on the topside of them is a bonus
  • I figure if I'm loud enough, maybe I'll get the black one released. I'm still taking credit for the flammable bones shirt being reissued.
  • good luck man
  • haha i think i knew about the flammable shirt before u though
  • I will pass on all your requests as we meet for the next colorways.  The Bones Brigade crew will have the final say for their colorway though.
  • Black and red LMFP....black and red LMFP....black and red LMFP....black and red LMFP....black and red LMFP....black and red LMFP....black and red LMFP....black and red LMFP....black and red LMFP....black and red LMFP....black and red LMFP....black and red LMFP....
  • Thanks AnimalChin..hows the schedule for the next color runs looking? You dudes must be closing in on starting the 3rd batch yea?
  • hey Kam... sweatpants brotha.. sweatpants
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    Kam posted it a while back, it was the reason I bypassed the 2 round of piggys.

    Ill dig around for it.. may take some as the search feature is lacking somewhat. In saying that tho, Kam, feel free to chime in :)
  • Same with me Doc, I'm sure it was talked about.
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    Can someone tell me how this muppet is making any money selling the BB decks for $84.99 US?? Maybe they're fakes, or maybe he got em cheap in bulk?

  • Selling at wholesale cost just to generate traffic to his eBay store?
  • Maybe he's making his profit off postage for international customers
  • Yeh slippery, he's most probably slugging everyone with a blown out shipping price.

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