New Thrasher mag ad

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Anyone seen the newest Thrasher mag (May issue) & the Powell Peralta ad inside? Looks like a pretty killer graphic on a board...or not?


  • I'm just glad to see Powell Peralta in thrasher.
  • gonna have to buy it i guess..
  • I honestly cant make out the graphic, it's. too dark and the slogan about, "Have fun,......" gets cut off.

    I'd say Stecyk had some involvement.
  • It's a pic of a blonde chick placing an "object" in her mouth. Said object is blacked out but has Powell Peralta in red, & it looks like some kind of dragon ( maybe an oval dragon) in a dark gray color. The line says something bout a miata? Weird but it does look like a new graphic.
  • weird why dont u scan it post a photo of it
  • Sorry bro, I'm not tech savy lol! I've tried in the past but it failed so I gave up. Btw, the Creature vid sucks!
  • mazda miata  girl car
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    if u got the mag just take a photo of it with ur cell and put it on photobucket it and load it here
  • the graphic is the banner dragon
  • Will they release this deck or is it just for the add?
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    It doesn't even seem to be a deck. It's just whatever is blacked out that the girl is holding is in the shape of a deck.  In the bottom right corner of the page it says    "suck it easy"   but you have to look closely.
  • It is a deck, but I don't think it is one that would be released.  I looked at it again and had to correct my last comment.
  • The ad sorta reminded me of when Powell started getting "edgy" at an attempt to stay cool when World was conquering in 91-92. 
    Did it give anyone else that vibe too?
  • Yeah that was my first thought. And after lookin at it more closely, I seen a banner dragon aswell. I've sent a message to someone I know who works they're, so I'll let y'all know what's said.
  • I'd really like to see this ad if anyone can be bothered to scan and post somewhere online
  • ..or maybe I should jus go out and buy one
  • or someone can just text the photo to me and ill put it online
  • Bill I'll look for a copy today dude and post if I find one
  • posted on snb

    I like it muchly  :D

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    That''s it. And yes we are gonna see a few new creations by VCJ in the next catalog.
    That all came from a Skateone employee who I trust.
  • Haha cool..doc to the rescue :) thanks dude
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