New Thrasher mag ad



  • we need more popsicles ! YES !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  • looks like an airplane wing
  • Looks like an ad that would have run in the 90's.
  • Yeah and talk about us living in the 80 s sheesh !! 90s SUCKED NO ONE OWNED A BELT !!!!!!!!!!!!!
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    its a cool ad

  • Just got the June issue of Thrasher & it has another kooky ad in it but not so sexually suggestive ass the last but another new graphic is shown on a pop sickle shape.
  • Cool they're getting ads in thrasher again, they used to have a couple an issue in the old days. If I remember right they were alway the last ad of the mag
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    post pics of the ads

    then when in time to come when you realise that infrequently people ask the same questions ("where can I find this ad? where can I find a new head? where can I find a girlfriend?") it will be all ere
  • A new head would be nice if anyone knows where I can score one
  • somebody post it, the damn grocery store here doesn't have thrasher anymore
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    Lol I thought I had it bad. My local newsagent still has the April issue when I asked if they had May's issue the girl behind the counter kindly informed me "it's only April". I love when minimum wage comes with an attitude
  • Haha totally. "Damn kids!"
  • Doc I've tried relentlessly but I'm not doing something right or it's this slow ass smart phone.
    My pc was stolen 2 months ago along with all our other electronics. Damn kids!!
  • send them to one of us to post up for ya..

    & any pics of your girlfriends as well  :D
  • haha burn yea u can just send it to me on facebook in a message and ill post it up or i can give u my email and u can text it to me
  • new ad is on P/P's facebook
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