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I have quite a few collectable boards (mostly NOS Powell!) I need to relocate from New Mexico to Alaska after I finish grad school this summer (spent way too much time on Ebay here). I'm concerned about these decks possibly warping in the intense desert heat as I drive them back in my truck, even with the screen windows open on my cap. Alternatively, I also worry about them warping while on a boat for 6 days from Seattle to Anchorage, should I choose not to drive through Canada. 

If I stack some of these together and box well, will the weight/insulation help prevent warp? Do I need to wrap each one in plastic? I could ship them separately but this will cost a fortune and, if they ended up sitting in a cargo can for 24 hours in the NM heat, they could still get damaged anyway! Apparently it is quite common for decks to warp during shipping, as the local skate shop attests. Hence, my concern.

I realize that this may sound a bit neurotic, but I am really trying to get these things back safely.

Anyone here have experience in this dept., advice etc? What is the best way to transport these gems and avoid warp??




  • Unless you expose them to direct sunlight & heat or well below zero temps, I think u will be just fine. I live in the deep south, in very hot,humid temps. I keep a backup board just in case of a snap. NEVER have they warped.
  • There is a guide on how to keep guitars on s&b which most seem to apply to their decks.

    When you read the guide, it does come off as good advice for decks.. Ill see if I can find the link.
  • Bottom line is this: "Staple 'em to your face."

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